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    Why do they ask that question?

    Religion is a very powerful entity in the world. Whatever religion it may be, it has a grand following of people of that religion and everyone has got his own definition of God, who is supposed to help us and guide us in the journey of life. That is the basic premises on which religions survive.

    Some people do not believe in God and religion and are called an atheist. They have their own logical and rational thinking behind that belief.

    It is many times observed that the religious people sometimes ask a question to the atheist - 'Do you believe in God? As the answer is no they look upon the atheists as if they have done a crime. The believer of God in fact look upon the atheists with pity and sympathy and pray to God to give them divine knowledge.

    What right the religious people have got to ask such foolish questions when the answer is well known. Do they want to downgrade the atheist in front of society? What is the motive behind such questions?

    Scientifically and rationally speaking no one knows about the existence of God still the believers will with proud ask such questions.

    What is the opinion of members on this matter?
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    What's wrong in that?

    Its so may of us around you that its good to teach yourself then to the others. There would be believers as well as the atheist too & to a broader perspective that this society is carrying others beliefs also. And so with these there would always be counter arguments from either sides for other school of thoughts.

    This will never ever be possible to satisfy others as make them believe in your ideology can't be easy. So this would always be a better idea to keep going & let others do with their intensions.

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    Why do the people ask the question: Do you believe in God?
    Don’t remember forgetting to remember anything

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    Belief in God or a Higher power is purely an individual concept. Either one believes or does not believe in GOd. But we should not have an image that degrades the non-believers and think superiority about those who believe in God.

    The problem comes when we humans face a difficult situation in life. Logically, we have to face some adverse/ challenging situation in life and at this time whom do we turn to for help comes the question. Those who believe in God will also impose or encourage the non-believers to have faith and think of God in such testing times.

    Within our circle, we should never question our religion and our beliefs because if we expect to be respected for believing in God and our religion, we should also understand that the same would be expected from the atheists. Similarly, the atheists should not also not make fun of people praying to God and asking for his help and support.

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    It is individual's choice to believe or not to believe the God. There is no rule that everybody should follow one person. As far as an individual is concerned he always thinks that he is correct. Always discussions and debates will take place between the people and finally they will go as per their belief only. We can't change everyone and we can't follow all.
    It is quite possible when we are in difficulties we look at somebody for help or guidance. Definitely, the God believers will pray the God and they may advise the others also to do the same thing. the individual may or may not take their suggestion.

    always confident

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