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    His sudden announcement baffled and angered his partners

    He has always been trying to surprise everybody. And all of us are genuinely surprised by his speeches and comments. Yes, I am talking about the Congress President. But the day before yesterday, his sudden announcement not only surprised us, the common Indians, but also baffled and angered his coalition partners.

    His announcement, if we just listen to/read it, has nothing objectionable. He said that if Congress gets the majority in the next Lok Sabha, he is ready to become the Prime Minister. But then, why, the regional chieftains from West Bengal, Tamil Nadu and Uttar Pradesh are so miffed? Akhilesh Yadav and Mayawati have announced that they disassociate themselves from Congress. TMC leaders from West Bengal and DMK leaders from Tamil Nadu have expressed their strong displeasure.

    But why? Are these regional leaders themselves dreaming to be the Prime Minister of the country? Is the statement of Shri Rahul Gandhi, the President of Congress, a mortal blow to the possibility of the coalition of the opposition parties in the next Lok Sabha election?

    Or is it a conspiracy of BJP?
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    The weaknesses among the opposition alliance parties has again resurfaced with showing of dissatisfaction of the speech of Rahul Gandhi, erecting himself as the PM candidate if got the majority. But on another side this will prove good signs to the BJP giving more confidence & encouragement for its policies & implementation.

    Although this is evident that the Congress party don't see any options but instead to go ahead with Rahul Gandhi in the coming General Elections as the face of the Congress. This very thought would soon let the party seeing their existence being eliminated.

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    Yes, I think it is conspiracy of the BJP!!

    By his statement, all 'Maha Gadbandhan' leaders lost their hope!
    Many of the 'Gadbandhan' leaders are behind bars; and many are on the way still they are hoping Prime Ministership
    He made Modi's way clear now

    Don’t remember forgetting to remember anything

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    This was like a preemptive strike or a strategy by the Congress party president. IF the party has the majority, then he's ready. This send a message to all the coalition partners that when the day comes, their chances of sitting on the throne is gone. At best they can hope for a deputy PM like title. In Coalition governments, no one in the alliance can take for granted that whatever said would be accepted. The power wielded by the party with the least seats is significant because, if they pull out then the coalition breaks down.

    Many veteran politicians nursing a dream to be the PM candidate would not tolerate the young Rahul Gandhi to have such dreams.

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