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    Do you know how to type on typewriter ? If yes what was your speed.

    Before the advent of computers, most of the people are habituated and it is must for every one to do desk job in private and government offices to know typewriting and also shorthand. While shorthand is the way of taking notes in short cut and framing the sentences and thus making a content through typewriter. The keys of typewriter were the same as seen in our normal computer key board. But only the major difference that we have to press the keys hard to type and that needs lots of practice. I can type with 50 words per minute.
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    I learned typing through the good old Remington typewriters. At that time 40 WPM was the requirement to pass lower grade and 60 WPM for higher grade typing exam. I learned typing for three months while I was studying in VIIIth Std. Now I can type at 50+ WPM in the old typewriter and 75 WPM in the computer.
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    Yes, I know how to type on the typewriter. I have passed typing examination held by Vyapam in the year 1996. My speed on the typewriter is about 40+ WPM in Hindi and English both. I can type faster on the computer but never try to know the speed on the computer. I can type in Hindi, English and Arabic text on the computer.
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    I have learnt typewriting long back when I was in school. As I learnt it myself so I was not professional in it and had a maximum speed of about 25-30 words per minute and today also my speed is same on the computer keyboard.

    I was very much attracted to it as a student and enjoyed writing in it. I typed my first article in it (on my village and its life) and fascinated with the clean outcome.

    Today typing is by feather touching the computer keys but that time we had to forcefully press the keys otherwise the letter hammer will not reach the ink ribbon behind which the impression of the letter on the white paper sheet is supposed to be made. So pressing the keys properly was also a skill for good typing in those old days.

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    I am an 'Oru Viral " (one finger) typist. Though I joined a typewriting institute after I passed my graduation I did not have an involvement and interest in it. Within a few months I discontinued the same. Getting a job was an easy excuse for that. But in my job I used to type confidential matters by my one finger technique. Later on using computer key board also,the same continued. By practice, I started using two fingers--the index finger of both hands. Even now I am managing like that only. Somehow it serves my purpose.

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    Even I has started with one finger typing and gradually improved upon using the fingers not seeing the key board at all and thus speed picked up.
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    The typewriter key board and the relevant fingers touching the key cannot be altered. My proprietor of the typing institute used to say " Sundar, even at night while in sleep, if any one ask you what is for A, you should show your left little finger. Yes. I can type with my eyes closed, and say what alphabet and which finger.
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    Learning to type in the formal way, and passing the examination, every today, is a must. This is because, we need to type at a fast speed in all our organizations. Those who do not possess this skill, will be left behind.

    In fact, there are some organizations that actively encourage their employees to take up the formal typing course. At the end of the day, typing is a vital skill that can enhance business communication, all of which, is now through the email, within the organization. A day will come when IT will be always present everywhere, and even in the local languages. But then, typing will continue, even if it is in some Indian language.

    We all better learn typing, so that we are not left behind in the rat race.

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    With all the above submissions, I am wondering about the human capability that one individual having while using the typewriter or the computer. While its a fact that I never went for the typewriter but I always having a hand on the computers. I don't have that much speed but still finding this comfortable for fulfilling my daily needs.

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    This thread brings back memories of the typewriting institutes and the constant sound of the keys in a Government office or outside the courts/ municipal offices where we had to visit to get certificates for our education/entrance exams etc.

    The old typewriters at the institutes would have two letters springing up when we press one key and some would be worn off. We had to use the correction fluid to rectify the mistakes.

    Typewriting or keyboard use does not often need a formal course or guidance. There would be many people who start as one finger typist and then quickly get the hang of it by becoming self learners.

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