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    Have you played gramophone records ? If RPM was not followed the song gets distorted !

    Now that we are treated with songs and movies on the internet but previously the songs were played through records or gramophone records which looks like a round disk with lots of sound tracks lines. The speed of the song is determined by the RPM mentioned on the disk. RPM means rounds per minute. That will have the right impact on the song. Suppose the song is fast and RPM would also be more. Like wise for slow songs or sad songs the RPM would be less. Have you ever played the gramophone records ?
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    Your saying - "Suppose the song is fast and RPM would also be more. Like wise for slow songs or sad songs the RPM would be less." Irrelevant statement with insufficient experience. There is no different RPM for fast music and slow music.

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    My father had a gramophone and we used to hear songs in that by playing the song records on the round table and selecting the speed as per mentioned on the record.

    It was a mechanical manual gramophone in which we had to wind a mechanical spring (like we did in manual watches) and once wound it will go for 2-3 songs. We had small steel needles which were to be fixed on the bottom of the horn like device which produced sound when the needle moved on the song track. The sound of that gramophone was very clear and loud and almost half of our village was able to hear the song and many times people came to see that sound machine.

    As there were different types of record were available so we had to select the speed accordingly. There was a lever to change the speed of the round turn table on which record was to be mounted. If I remember correctly, the record for 78 and 45 rpm were very common. If you play the record in wrong speed the sound was highly affected and the voice of a female was changing to almost that of male.

    This, I am talking of the year around 1960 and we did not have a water or electric line in our village and this piece of gadget was an amazing thing in that time. It was HMV make and costed about Rs 200.

    Today your thread has rekindled my memories.

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    There is nothing like RPM being followed. RPM stands for Revolutions Per Minute.
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    This remembrance of gramophone makes me feel wonderful from within. Although I never ever carried that with me but played with it when I went to my village long back. I don't feel that we don't have any now.

    Hopefully we never going to evident these again.

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    One of our uncle's had a gramophone and he had a box of the big black discs that in their cardboard/thick paper jackets. We were not allowed the touch the instrument and the records. We used to surround him while he lifted the record, gently wiping it with his fine dothi cloth and gently lifting the needle and placing it on the record. Although, I did not know much about the rpms, we would sit in the evenings in the small courtyard of the village house playing and also listening to old tamil songs played by uncle on his gramophone.

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    The thread takes me back to my childhood days. I used to sit fascinated in front of the record player during my childhood days. Yes, I also know about the RPM.

    I tried to find a record-player for old days' sake during the early 2000s in Delhi. But even after considerable search, I couldn't find one for purchase. Only a very rich person who was a collector himself, had an old record-player, but that was not for sale.

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