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    Russia showcases its Milatary might and Victory day celebrations at Red Square

    Exactly on this day, 73 years before, the World War II concluded and Russia. emerged victorious over Germany. Victory day celebrations at Red square were celebrated today signifying the end of world war II and 73 years of defeat of Nazi Germany.

    Isreali Premier Netanyahu was the Chief Guest. The parade showcased the Military might of the Russians. Tanks and missile launchers were displayed. Putin has personally greeted the surviving warriors of the World War II which is a kind gesture on his part. The live telecast has showed the glimpse of the great event and for me it looked like the Republic Day event.
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    During the communist regime in the USSR, victory day (9th May) was celebrated all over the USSR and other Eastern Block countries. After the dismantling of the USSR, the victory day celebration used to be subdued. Now, during the current regime of Vladimir Putin, victory day celebration is gradually getting back its lost glory.
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    What I feel that had the Russia not disintegrated from USSR earlier, it would have been worlds first super power and even America would have been in check and other small countries which are now challenging USA would have been kept at back. Nevertheless under the leadership of Putin, Russia has been consistently maintaining its supremacy even today and the Military might showcased on the occasion of 73 years of world war two completion anniversary was the reason for Russia to show the world that it can still command over others in times of emergencies. So over to America on this show of strength.
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    But for Russia and its allied powers, the USA would play police of the entire world, trying to dominate military and economic affairs throughout the world. Effectively, World Bank and the IMF are seen as tools of the USA and its powerful allies to spread capitalism everywhere, as if that were the only means of survival and growth.

    Allied to global capitalism, is the role of global terrorism. It is horrible to see the role of Russia in the Syrian conflict. But to say that the USA is innocent, would only add fuel to the fire. Had the entire world shown more united action against its dictator, Syria would have seen far better times. That the militant Muslim organizations are now very active, is a point, but who has allowed all this to happen?

    Even today, we have two blocks the USA and the Russian blocks. Somehow or the other, some restraint on either side is always seen and the pressure from allies will enable each Superpower to not exceed limits. That the USA is still in the recession mode, does help a great deal.

    Let the Russian might be a counter force to American imperialism.

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    Under the leadership of Vladimir Putin, Russia is coming back to the earlier glory and contesting desperately to become the number one powerful country in the world.

    The military show on that particular day is the part of these attempts to showcase it in the media to the whole world watching.

    Today every country is trying to mimic these show-offs with whatever little arsenals they have.

    The recent nuclear show-off by North Korea is still in the memory which at one point of time even threatened the superpowers like the US.

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    VE day is marked as Victory in Europe after the World war two ended on 8th May 1945, soon after Hitler committed suicide

    For the East, World war two ended following the surrender of Japan on 2 September and is known as VJ day (victory over Japan), after atomic bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

    Glad that Russia is steady with it's military might. But, on the anniversary of this day, the world has to introspect on the massive scale of loss of life and destruction that happened across the world during WW II.

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