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    What ails our Universities throughout India?

    It is alleged that Ms Jayalalitha, had a figure for the appointment of Vice-Chancellors of State Universities of Tamil Nadu. Not so costly -- just 35 crores or more!!

    No wonder, substandard people were appointed as the Vice Chancellors and would indulge in all sorts of malpractices to get back the money that they had invested. Each and every University, has a Distance Education wing. There are franchise centers throughout Tami Nadu, that happily sell the question papers, well in advance, so that the student can go home, and get his or her question paper answered so well, and present it back to the franchise. This rotten game of corruption has been going on for a long time. Only in the recent past, there seems to have been some action in this regard. The Distance Education centers are all money spinners, meant to help each University, keep its resources in good shape.

    One does not know the fate of other State Universities, but one does hear that Universities in many parts of North India do not even conduct the examinations on time. The standards of higher education have also fallen.

    What can make the UGC and the AICTE, wake up from their deep slumber? One also understands that there is huge corruption, even in the NAAC ratings.

    Where do we go from here? How is that we are so insensitive to this huge problem?

    Well, there are still excellent centers of excellence, like the world-famous Loyola College, Chennai, St. Stephen's College, New Delhi, the St. Xavier's group throughout India, and so on.

    Why is that other institutions and Universities are not able to obtain such high standards?

    How do we go about rectifying the problem, and correcting it? Members may please respond, based on successful case studies, in their own places, so that some benchmarking can be done.
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    Universities across the country are highly controlled by the local governments and there would be maximum involvement of government affairs and thus those who occupy the Vice Chancellor are necessarily the one hand picked by the CM and he or she supposed to tow the party ideals and government orders. And these Universities were created by the respective governments on state levels and thus the center does not have say on that. And the state government wont agree or allow persons recommended by Center and thus most of the Universities are under the patronage of state governments. And interference of political parties through various students unions are another nuisance which wont allow smooth functioning of varsities and the JNU in Delhi and HCU in Hyderabad are the best example as both have National connection.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Frankly speaking, our educational system is more and less suffering from the same ailments as our other systems like bureaucracy, engineering and construction, manufacturing, revenue departments, transport sector, science and technology, banking and many more like that.

    In each area, we have political interference, bribery, cheating and what not.

    So an overall revamping is the need of the hour and only possibility to achieve that is when honest Govt are installed in the centre as well as states. This seems to be a far dream but not impossible.

    Knowledge is power.

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    I studied my Post Graduation in Jabalpur from t he RaniDugavati University earlier known as the Jabalpur University. When I started the program, it was on time but during its completion this got delayed for more than six Months.

    Every other things were well with this university except that the student became part of a ongoing politics in the similar region. For any gatherings the boys used to get picked up from the hostels in order to increase the strength of a particular party. Going ahead with another fact of "unions" who mostly involved in routine hacking of the regular activities. Although myself never got involved in their strikes but evident of slogans as well raised against the management for different reasons. The one such reason was to reduce the increased fees for different segments.

    But this doesn't got limited to the one University but having consistent problems with the other universities & colleges as well. In the latest it is the AMU because of Jinnah's photo & previously in the JNU.

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    Not so costly -- just 35 crores or more!!

    I personally feel, we should aviod such statements, if there is a case proven or ongoing related to VC appointments, then it's ok but otherwise it does not sound well in forum.

    With respect to corruption in education, yes there would a certain degree of it in various states. Even if someone wanted to start, where would he or she start? We are questioning UGC,AICTE,universities across the country.

    We need to ponder over the issue, have a basic plan of how to gather some evidence and then study the major routes in which corruption or laxity exists in terms of prestigious appointments, selection of students, exam results etc. Once we have this we can have a white paper under the auspices of the Supreme Court and then implemented gradually across the states.

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    Sir,kindly go to Anna University or even any other State University in Tamil Nadu and meet with the senior most Professors and the press people. You can easily understand the reality. That 35 crores is paid is an open secret in Tamil Nadu.

    If you still have any doubts, kindly check what happened to the Vice Chancellor of the Bharathiyaar University, Coimbatore. He was recently arrested. Check on whatever he has done. It will turn out that he was a mere victim. He had done what his minister friend wanted him to do.

    It is anguish of the tallest order. In a State, where the literacy rate is very high, where the number of educated unemployed is very high, unless we take urgent social action, nothing will improve. Kindly check all the facts on record. Only then, you can understand. Of course, as you know, education is a State subject too. The concerned State Government has its own ways of administering it. Please do make your own inquiries.

    My objective was not to talk something out of the hat. It is already there in the public domain. The vital question is: how do we stop this menace?

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    @Mr.Absivakumar. Sorry, my intention was not to question the news or doubt your statements. There are many such things in various aspects of society, unfortunately, at best we can only contain it.

    It is a cause for concern, for instance, the number of engineering seats in India has been steadily declining from 2014-2015. Of these seats, only 55% were being filled up last year! It is a sad state of affairs as one of the reasons are the lack of quality, lack of infrastructure etc. According to AICTE data, all 240 seats in Nagaland's only approved engineering college were vacant last year.

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    Yes Sir. The fact is that we have a huge amount of over supply across India. A particular Deemed University in Chennai, named after a very famous personality of Tamil Nadu, has an incentive scheme to enable existing North Indian Students to refer their own friends and get them to sign up in their Engineering courses. The entire lot of students is sometimes entire full of North Indians, more so, from the UP and MP.

    So, we have so many techniques, and the students study in so many distant places. Of course, engineering is still a good discipline, more so, mechanical engineering. Even if students study in some recognized college, they can still get some odd job, and get better jobs with experience. But the students are misguided by the huge number of those who are unemployed. For example, the Essar group employs thousands in its various projects. These jobs are always available for engineers.

    At a bigger level, the standards of every field of education in engineering and other disciplines should improve a great deal.

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    A product's quality depends on input, process parameters,quality monitoring and final test.
    The quality and stringency of parameters in every stage was diluted .Naturally the output product will lack in quality.
    To improve we have to start filtering and fix very high standards of quality control. The eligibility standards of students at entry level, of teachers and of the examinations are all compromised. So we cannot expect a high quality output of students.

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