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    Housewives deserve a salute

    Being a man I want to convey my thoughts which I have felt as per my personal observation. Let me clarify that this thread is not meant to create any divide between the working and the non-working. But it is just to bring out a healthy discussion.

    In our society, we have both, the housewives as well as working women and men. When I say a housewife it means that she is not working and stays in the house whole day handling all the household chores and family responsibilities. On the other hand, working men and women are those who work in the office and they have to handle both their professional as well as family and home responsibilities. So obviously, the life of working men and women seems to be more hectic as they have to manage on both the fronts. For working women generally, the house responsibilities like cooking, cleaning, child keeping are outsourced in many cases due to the lack of time.

    But I have sometimes observed that a feeling prevails in the minds of the working people that housewives stay at home comfortably and their life is easy while working women or men work hard in the office and their life is more hectic compared to the housewives. I have heard working population talking like, "Oh! She is a housewife. She has a hell lot of time and can adjust. We are so busy in the office and don't have free time like them." This perception is totally wrong and a housewife needs to be saluted and appreciated for their continuous efforts and at the same time keeping a low profile. She is equally busy I feel. The ground reality is far different and can only be understood if we stay at home and see the housewives schedule.

    A housewife works equally hard and has to be on the move throughout the day. Managing the cooking, keeping the house neat and tidy, handling the housemaids, keeping the things in order, picking up the children from the bus stop, handling their school going children and their studies are the things which are not so easy as they seem. At the office, we may be sitting at one place in AC and doing the work, enjoying tea breaks etc but for housewives, things are really hectic if they are doing everything on their own. A husband understands the pain of his wife if he happens to stay one day at home and has to help his wife out. The very next day he will be waiting to leave for the office. Same holds true for working women. Of course, this is not true for all working men and women.

    Everyone knows what happens when a housewife falls ill. So housewives have also an office to handle at home and they are doing no less than their working counterparts. So their contributions should not get undermined just because they are not earning.
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    Yes Sir. You are correct. The ground reality is totally different.

    Apart from handling all the responsibilities that you have mentioned, she also has to contend with the mother in law and her constant nagging, in most cases. They do not get on well with each other. It also happens, as a matter of rule, that the mother in law does not like the girl enjoying all the comforts provided by her husband and, since the times have changed, she cannot be too harsh. Nevertheless, there are always caustic comments passed on every single aspect of behavior of the housewife.

    Apart from this, the housewife also needs to keep a big tab on the behavior of the children, who are as young as seven, but hatch on to whats up and face book, as if these were vehicles for some sort of nirvana.

    The utter lack of time for communicating with the husband also leads to other tensions, as the husbands also start to feel that their wives have all the time. Even when she attempts to explain her busy schedule, she is told to cut down the time spent on the afternoon nap or watching TV serials, even when she would have done neither.

    Even the smallest attempts to socialize is not accepted by most husbands, except in townships, where the interaction is in any way, so small and cannot match the scope in cities. If the housewife gets to live in a metro after living several years in a township, where a huge amount of facilities are provided by the company, she begins to have tension, more so, if she not spent any time in metros during her lifetime before marriage. (she might have grown up in smaller towns).

    The poor housewife, in reality, is as busy as the working woman. In fact, she does not find any outlet for ventilating all her desires or frustrations. Things sometimes go to a boil and then a nervous breakdown. Such a sort of situation should be avoided at any cost.

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    It is not all the housewives deserves a salute. It is only the middle and lower class housewives deserve a salute. The rich and upper class housewives enjoy their life at home and outside after outsourcing all their activities viz. cooking, cleaning, keeping the house cleaned, bringing up children etc.
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    Not generalizing the fact but both carries the bundle of the responsibilities require to carry out life. Although this submission focus on woman house wives & for sure they are there & so the others members of the family enjoy their life outside.

    I do believe in the team work & so I wouldn't deny the fact that because of the efforts of all the team members that life becomes interesting & desirable. But for internal jobs the role of woman becomes important as this involves a lot of management within. It is because of the fact we find peace inside that we don't feel the pressure outside. But in between, I go along with the "#635905", that only middle class family woman make us feel of them being with us.

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    Yes households surely deserve the salute from every member of the family. Why because she is instrumental in keeping the family going on daily basis, keeping the husband happy, attending to the children needs, attending to the markets and fetching things and groceries,attending to the parent teacher meeting, attending the pending home works of the children and also helping out pending works brought in by the husband. Above all she wont rest even on Sundays, and thus she feel elated and happy on cooking and serving varied food, no matter she has her share or not. Really great character and my salute to every house hold.
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    Housewives, mothers, working or not does not matter much, they all deserve a salute and our love and respect. I often see the public transport buses during morning times, stop a mintue or two to allow a mother running with her lunch bag (who is obiviously little late for work) to board the bus and reach the office in time.

    Most people think the job of a housewife is easy, but it is a full time job, when our kids are alone at home and wife is away, we would think, who did she manage to keep things going at the various aspects of home.

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    That's absolutely right, our mothers are housewives and we see them working daily for us, preparing breakfast, lunch, dinner, ironing our clothes, then she takes care of home, everything she is managing and doing.

    Even if the mother or the wife is working, they have to manage every little thing of the whole family. Being a housewife is more a tougher job, as they are always worried about taking care of the family, the household work never ends. We should really salute them for every little thing that they do for us.

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