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    Is it necessary to have foundation laying and inauguration functions for the projects?

    The governments plan and execute various public utility projects. These projects are never completed in the prescribed time due to various reasons resulting in cost escalation. For every project, the foundation laying function and inauguration function is held. These functions are done by the Prime Minister, Chief Minister, Minister or others depending upon the importance of the project. The involvement of these people means extra expenditure and at times wastage of time due to the non-availability of the persons intended.
    The "Eastern Peripheral Expressway", which is a six-lane highway is one such project which is waiting for the inauguration by the Prime Minister. The construction of the highway is completed and yet to be opened for the public use due to the non-availability of the dates of the Prime Minister to inaugurate it. It is a highway which bypasses the national capital and will ease traffic congestion in Delhi and also contribute to the reduction of pollution.
    This is not the only incident. There were such delays in the case of many projects. Considering the delay and cost escalation, is it necessary to have these foundation laying and inauguration functions for the public projects?
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    Well, politcians announce projects to get votes. And without inauguration functions public cannot be expected to pay a visit to the highways, bridges, metros and etc
    I get what you say. You are implying that these functions are bringing in a lot of traffic, pollution and loss. But without proper public intake the losses would be even more tremendous .
    Take Telanganas metro rail for an example. If such large scale inauguration was not held, the huge project would not have reached many people. Yes, the construction site is obvious but we wouldn't be knowing whether the metros are running unless an inauguration is held and positively ushers us.

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    Good question from the author. The main reason for the parties getting elected and govern is to have the construction of their own projects and thus it is necessary and imperative to mention the foundation or the ground breaking ceremony and later the inauguration of the project. Normally central and state governments undertake big projects and some are very important prestigious projects for that they have been waiting for years together. One such project is the Kalleshwaram Project envisaged by KCR government which brings Godavari river to many areas for yielding. By having the foundation stone boards and the inaugural function of the projects boards, the political parties which comes to the power can correlate the same to the manifesto and promises they made during the election and achievements thereof.
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    This is a point to be thought seriously. In fact it is not a must to conduct an inaugural function. Especially at the time of stone laying or such other indication function of starting a project. However, after completing the construction if the project is ready to be used by the public, an inaugural function will help the public that something is ready to be used by them. The project starting inauguration very often becomes an election stunt. Sometimes certain projects are inaugurated more than once. This happens when in an election there is a change in the politics of governments.
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    Excellent thought Sir. Each of these functions will cost at least six hundred thousand rupees, and this will go towards travel of VIPs, the cost of security, the fuel expenses of at least one hundred party men and so on. During the previous AIADMK regime, we had a fantastic spectacle of at least seven ministers saluting the helicopter in which the imperious Jayalalitha traveled, after some inaugural function was over.

    The expense? Ten hundred thousand rupees. This was documented in some sections of the press, and the next day, the Ministers were so angry that someone questioned them!!

    We should do something in this regard. We can ask the main mason in the case of a new Government building, to open the building. A local VIP is enough. If the concerned Minister is coming, he or she should ensure that the expenses are kept to the bare minimum.

    We have a functional democracy in India, but atrocious Government expenditure is killing the common man. Let us put a full stop these atrocities. In fact, the Ministers or the Chief Minister or the Prime Minister should not travel huge distances for functions, at Government expense.

    In fact, in the recent past, our great PM, Mr Modi, took part in a function organized by a famous Yoga Guru, on the outskirts of Coimbatore city. At least ten hundred thousand rupees would have been spent for all the arrangements. We can ill afford such wasteful expenditure.

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    These functions are basically done for publicity purpose and the ruling party whoever it may be gets an advantage out of this.

    In political circles everything is done to achieve political mileage.

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    Whose money are these political parties spending on the projects? It is the public money. Do they have the right to propagate as their achievement? Why should completed projects not be thrown open to the public without waiting for a person to open it? We have to ask to change all these.
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    KVRR please note that the money certainly belongs to the public and through our taxes collected, the governments shall initiate development programs and projects. Mind it not all the government which came to the power think of certain major projects and those who complete such big projects which also has the central government share, the state cannot take unilateral decision to throw open the project. PM who is the head of the country has the right to open the project and the state has to wait for the time. Even Hyderabad Metro rail inauguration was postponed to coincide with Ivanka's visit and WEC held at Hyderabad.
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    These are the stupid things that are happening in our country and yet some feel there is nothing wrong with it. The project could be opened by anyone available at hand. There is no point in delaying. Regarding the project mentioned in this thread, Supreme Court of India made a comment on Government of India.
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    I never thought about it but the point is well taken.

    I am not against any ceremonies like foundation laying and Inauguration functions for different projects but for sure I am not with the way that these are carried away with the huge expenses as this also assist in the misuse of manpower & other resources.

    If I put myself on support of these then this is important too as we are celebrating the beginning & the completion of the projects which forms a part of a milestone which we have achieved during the course. And any bigger personality should be part of this. I am not justifying this but few of the things become important for few of the occasions & so we should also be the part of it. These are not happening now & then but once in a time.

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    Generally, a mega project would have a ceremony to start at an auspicious time and the on completion declared open so that the people are aware of it. It's like any event in India, such functions have become a norm in private and public sectors.

    But what is entirely up to us is the expenses, the scale of the inaugural function and the other arrangements. A mega scale project can certainly be opened by the local project head or the roadways minister and the PM or CM or high ranking official or a legendary figure related to the field can give an inaugural short speech from where ever he/she is and this can be broadcast at the site on giant screens. We see this often in film awards or the Oscar ceremonies where in, if someone cannot be there physically, they telecast a short message or speak live from their place itself.

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