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    Wedding dress and jewels : rent it or own it?

    Most of us would remember our weddings dresses and jewellery that would be sparsely used after the wedding. Men especially would have a formal suit that would probably used for 2-3 times and still sitting in the clothes closet. Of course there would be exceptions.

    In Bangalore, there is a current trend that is common with brides more than bridegrooms wherein the bride and the family choose to hire the best dress and gold ornaments have it for the function couple of days and return it.

    For the big occasion, they try the permutation and combination of the attire and the jewels.
    On an average the cost of an attire worth Rs 1 Lakh is hired for around 5-7 thousand and jewelry worth around 3 lakhs can be hired for around Rs 10,000.

    This is popular among people on the move like corporate and MNC staff and people who do not want to waste their money on a dress and jewels.

    There would be various views for and against this practice. But I think, this would be cost-effective especially to people who are on a tight budget and utilize the money to gradually buy more useful stuff over a period of time to start a new family. People who are well off may find this irrelevant but for people otherwise and people who like a simple life and a simple wedding, this would be interesting.
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    In India we have this saving culture. This sort of saving is unseen in other parts of world. We save for our and our younger generations all at a time. That is one of the main reasons why we demand expensive jewels in marriage. Because these jewels are to be saved and can be sold off in emergency.
    If we rent the jewelry, for then we might feel relieved but for future, we don't have an emergency saving. I've heard of this recent trend and am both impressed by it and am sometimes against it too.

    Well that is purely my opinion though. For other functions, parties and occasions even I might rent a jewelry or a suit. Infact I've rented suit for a thousand times now. Yes, bridal costume can be rented. No problem.

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    If the wedding reception is going to have large gathering from the groom side, surely one type attire and Pagdi is necessary to identify. And stitching one type of dress to all the invitees is the costly affair and time consuming method. And getting the size of each and every invitee is also cumbersome. Therefore renting the attire is the best way to conduct the marriage with mass invitee presence of same dress. And for the purpose of video and photos, such large gathering also indicates that they are from the groom side and the bride side people would take extra care to comfort them.
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    I guess it is always a personal choice. That some professionals are keen to hire costly jewels for just one day, is a good thing,. However, it should be noted that the jewelry is always meant to act as a safeguard in times of emergency , since the families go to the nearest bank to avail a jewel loan that they can repay over a period of time, normally upto three years.

    However, it is becoming so unsafe and hence it is wise to keep the jewels only in bank lockers. Most intelligent families do exactly this. Of course, there is no need to exhibit all this jewelry on the day of the wedding.

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    We should be what we are. We should not long to wear costly dresses for the occasion. It gives only a temporary pleasure. Moreover, hiring such dresses which has been worn by someone else; washed; ironed; used; is not a healthy practice. Let us wear our own simple regional/ traditional dresses and beautify ourselves, and feel proud. Let us ensure that the dress we buy is usable during any function, and should not rest in our suitcases or almirahs. I do not recommend hiring of jewellery to show off. What good it brings to us?
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    Mostly what I have observed and understood is, weddings happen at once for everyone, so usually the brides prefer to have a nice and beautiful looking lehenga, how much costing it does have. Because the thought goes as is, to look the most beautiful and adorable. For the groom, also have the same thought process. For jewellery as Aditya has identified, that people keep it and save it so that they can also be used during any emergency of the financial crisis. In fact, most parents do some kind of investments also for the jewelry, so that they have enough money till the time their daughter's marriage is about to fix. I have always seen that people want to own the dress or even the jewellery in their wedding.
    But its a good option too to hire a dress or even the jewellery for the people who want to have simple weddings and those who cannot spend much.

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    The financial equation for the wedding attires is quite simple. If a person is financially well off and has for a big wardrobe to keep his or her dresses then costly and jewel-studded suits can be purchased and kept for occasional usage.

    On the contrary, if a person is from a middle-class family he will be happy with rented outfits as he needs them only for a few days and then these are to be returned to the shop.

    There is nothing wrong in this trend. Even a prudent and wise rich person may go for the same to avoid subsequent clutter in his house.

    The world of dresses and outfits is a fast changing one and what today seems to be fashionable will be a useless entity after some time. Only the gold and jewels will fetch some value if one goes for reselling of such items.

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    Anyone who can manage the expenses then they can go ahead or else its good to go for the other options available. Few are the once in a life time opportunities & no one would want this to get just pass on but instead would arrange for the maximum possible arrangements that they are capable of to make the time immemorial.

    Adding that we are moving towards the time wherein every one believe in show off kind of a thing rather then what we are own with & so this is not good. Or in another words we believe in the quantity & not in quality. Any its a personal choice & they are free to opt for any kind of celebrations.

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