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    Never use mobiles in front of small children, because they too want to fiddle with it.

    I came across of a wonderful image where in ace cricketer MS Dhoni is seen browsing his cell phone and in the next frame his daughter is also seen fiddling with the phone. Here what I want to stress that when we use the gadgets especially in front of small children of one or two years old, they too insists to use the same , no matter they have an idea of how to operate. But in due course every child become more perfect in using the cells and even gets perfect over unlocking the phones. But exposing the children to cell rays will affect the eyes. So keep away the cell phones from children.
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    I agree with the author but we are now living in a world that most of us are carrying at least two mobiles with us & with this I am also emphasizing the importance of communications & our dependency on to this. We just can't spare this instrument that even the time we go to bed we keep this by our side.

    The case with the small children is the same like Mobile that we can't spare them as they are too small & is ready to take care of themselves. So we have a limitation of keeping those altogether.

    So what could be the better option here?

    We can go ahead with the dummy toys which although not real & not having disadvantages but still at the same time this will keep them busy. But to my personal experience that if we become over smart in befooling them they are smart enough to understand this soon.

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    The mobile phone has become an inevitable evil in our life and children are also not free from this aspect. They consider it as a toy rather than utility. A video game in their lap is like a TV and they do not want you to take it away from them and some parents are really at their wit's end as how to deal with this problem.

    Though we should not give these costly gadgets in the hands of the children but still sometimes out of affection and love, parents give it and that is the start of the chain reaction of asking for it by them.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Toddlers and children are inquisitive and part of learning process is to imitate the family members ane people around them.
    While we cannot stop using gadgets and mobile in front of children, we can be careful about minimising the attractiveness and have other toys and devices that the child can develop an interest in. As they grow up, we can set an example by we ourselves reducing the addiction to phones and tabs for entertainment and passing time.

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