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    How best the free wifi facility has been used by a porter at Ernakulam to qualify for KPSC ?

    We have been talking about bad use of cell phones and free access to wifi facilities in public places which makes the youth for browsing unwanted sites. But no body would believe that Sreenath , a coolie at Ernakulum junction in Kochi of Kerala state , has qualified for Kerala Public Service Commission with help of free WiFi provided at the Railway station. Sreenath says, 'I downloaded free question papers of KPSC & saw videos to prepare for it. Google, WiFi changed my life'. This is the classic example of using the facility for best use.
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    Generally, 99 percent of the Keralites are educated. None is illiterate in Kerala. The highly educated keralites, due to unemployment problem, do not hesitate to perform any job that fetches a sum to meet their requirements. We will find the highly educated, and professionallly qualified keralites performing the job of drivers, conductors, auto and taxi drivers, coolies etc. It is not a wonder that Mr. Sreenath has taken the help of free wifi to download the apps to pass his public service commission examination.

    When you and me can use wifi freely or by paying for it, why not Sreenath of Ernakulam?

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    A great thread that shows that no job is below one's dignity if it is an honest way to earn money. Also how meaningful use of a free service or benefit can bring in a change in one's life. We often see people talk and surf channels endlessly to use free minutes, while this gentleman has utilized it for his self-advancement.

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