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    Be cautious regarding the fake news

    Fake news is making rounds in all the media as never before. We, as responsible members, should be careful while raising threads at ISC. Threads based on fake news create an unhappy atmosphere in the forum section. Members should double check the authenticity before raising a thread. An allegation should be portrayed as it is but not as a fact. In this thread, "", an allegation is shown as a fact. We have to use our judgment before raising such threads. This is not to comment on any individual.
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    As far as I remember, there was a Forum post by the same author on the same subject only two months back. The thread was also pinned. So, what is the rationale behind a thread on the same topic?

    First we have to decide how will we determine the veracity of fake news? So far as Karnataka election is concerned, only yesterday we came to know that crores of cash were being taken in vehicles by the ruling party in the state. There was fierce TV debate on the issue. But the supporters would say that the news is fake. Whom should we believe?

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    The link to the thread given in this post was locked. In that thread, an allegation was shown as a fact. I had to raise this thread to make it clear that allegations should not be referred to as facts. Allegations should be referred as allegations only. I hope, I made the point clear.
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    Why we even referred to the "allegations" when we don't have the proofs?

    This will lead to nowhere except going ahead in creating more doubts & confusions of the authenticity of the individual or the party in question. Not pin pointing to anyone but we found the members raising concerns on the actions of the PM for any trouble & related the activities to the RSS & that is only on the basis of allegations & not on the basis of any factual proof.

    More or less we need to take the government data for our reference or else these are nothing but making ourselves involved in the cheap politics.

    One should refrain themselves from doing these.

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    Fake news is the bane of social media now, the elections and discussions of politics is making it worse. At ISC we need to restrain being part of this. But when a news is termed as fake, we need to proof that it is fake too. It is difficult to ascertain what is true when party raise allegations and cases against each other and none is verfied.

    Related to the anti-national slogan (thread has been locked), there are statements give by both parties and the video is still in circulation, I'm sure the authorities will investigate and find whether the video is doctored or not. Then we will have some clarity whether the entire incident was true.

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    We are not relatives of any political parties. What is shown and written in news papers and television are widely debated in other forums too. Just because one member made some apprehensions, the editor also followed and locked the thread without giving chance the reason to know why it was deleted in spite of I am giving the justification and proof. When ISC wants proof and I mentioned , then why the thread was deleted and why this thread is allowed to discuss on no issue. Please note that no one is interested to waste time but wanted a pure discussion on happenings around us.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Mr.Mohan: In the locked thread you mentioned that Congress allowed its workers to raise 'Pakistan Zindabad'slogan. The newspaper report as per the proof was given by you is 'An advocate has filed a police complaint about a video clip which purportedly shows Belagavi (north) Congress candidate Feroz Sait's supporters chanting 'Pakistan Zindabad' at a rally in Gandhi Nagar on May 6.' It clearly mentions 'purportedly shows'. How can it be said that the claim of the lawyer is correct as many fake videos are in circulation? You were misled by the heading in the newspaper. Go through that again. Mr.Feroz Sait, the sitting MLA claims it as a doctored video which is a handy work of BJP.
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    I have seen the video too and I am not that expert to find out whether it is fake or original. What I am trying here is the ulterior motive of the Congress which was exposed earlier in JNTU case and Manishankar Iyer recently siding with Pakistan and now this episode.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Interesting! A thread is locked just because one of our member said it is a fake news. But, the same content is allowed when the same author posted the topic differently. Now, the question is when the first thread get locked because suspecting a fake news, How one can proof that the news is fake?

    Can the concerned member who think this is a fake news has any strong proof to complaint for the lock of his fellow member thread? It is his moral duty to prove that the news is fake not by his argument or guessing or opinion but strong proof. If he can not, he should apologize to fellow member for his comment.

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    In the locked thread, Mr. Mohan gave two links from two very old newspapers in support of his thread. Even then, the thread was locked.

    I interpret this locking of the thread as expressing different view by a Member was not allowed by the concerned Editor. The Editor also gave only 0 points to Mr. Mohan. I am astonished.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Let us ISC member should not be judge or justified by Congress supporter or BJP supporter. We expect decision from admin to be Neutral and not by supporting some political party.

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    The people who are creating and spreading fake news are very clever and many times they will present their misdeeds as a perfect news item and gullible people will not only believe but spread it with full intensity.

    It is unfortunate that the gullible people are becoming a tool in the hands of miscreants spreading fake material in media.

    As a responsible citizen, it is our prime duty to ignore such messages and items and try to nip them in the bud.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Well Mr. Umesh, when someone make allegation to Hindutva, BJP or RSS based on media , No one question whether the news is fake or not. In fact people try to prove it to be correct. How can now, they say this is fake news just because some MLA says that it is worked by BJP? Or just because it is the congress party and they can never do anything wrong? Or is not directly supporting a political party.

    The rules should be allowed both sides and not one way around.

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