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    I wish elections come every year!

    In the parts of Bangalore that I live and travel for work, I have been witnessing a palpable change in the city over the past few months

    The foot paths are well laid out. There are excellent designed footpaths. The railing of the foot paths are of steel in many places. Yes steel railings, that we use in offices or homes. The fallen trees, garbage etc are cleaned promptly.

    The side roads, main roads are a pleasure to drive, because they are tarred neatly. Most potholes are all filled up. Near crowded traffic choking points, we have the police supervising traffic well and clearing the private buses blocking the roads.

    The traffic lights, sign boards and warning signs are all well seen by the road users as almost all the illegal hoardings, political banners have been torn down. The alcohol outlets in residential areas, close to hospitals or temples are closed or have no crowds spilling over the footpath where women and children can walk peacefully. Many more good tasks would have been completed in other places that I'm not aware of.

    Yes, all this is happening due to the Elections. Thanks to the political parties for their good public work (wooing the voters), I just wish we had elections every year!
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    What about the cost?

    India or any of its state, having a complicated demography is not an easy job to go for the elections every now & then. But instead this has been the fate of our country that each time we are witnessing the elections somewhere & incurring huge burden on the resources which could have been diverted to some productive jobs or projects.

    Rather we should allow the good governance by choosing the right candidates which is not happening. The majority of politicians are involved in some scams or in some illegal activities. So being an opportunistic, If we take the responsibility & choose someone who is honest with having fair background then this could be more useful. It's us who has the responsibility or the job of choosing the party & the candidate & if we are committed for this then the overall governance will go better & improved.

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    I agree with you but for the expenditure involved. Election times are the only times' people are remembered. The politicians even go to the extent of talking a few words in the local language trying to connect with the people. Funny people. As mentioned by you some temporary improvements will be made. Some lucky families may get a visit to their thatched houses and have the honor of dining with them. It is the only time the voters are pampered.
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    Setting aside the cost factor for electioneering, will India develop ever if there are elections every year. Politicians will concentrate only on temporary measures rather than permanent measures to lure voters. There will only be social development rather than economic development.

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    Nice observation from the author. During election time there would be immense pressure on the ruling party to prove that they do have spent on development works and all these four years they wantedly keep the works pending and on the last year they spend as if there is no dearth for finance. And citing those development they seek the votes. But the shrewd opposition shall take the images of those huff development and corner the government for doing spade work and wasting public money. Nevertheless we do see lots of activities in streets and that is purely a election stunt.
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    A very interesting thread exposing the real skin of our politicians that at the time of wooing the voters they will do everything which otherwise has no meaning for them.

    It clearly shows the facilities, power and money that most of them earn after winning the election.

    Knowledge is power.

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    All good happens to people before the elections, true to it, a hike in petrol and diesel prices in Karnataka was announced after the elections. During the 19 days the oil companies allegedly lost 35 crores per day.

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    The political leaders remember the public only before the election. Once the election is over, they never bother about the public. This is a very well known fact. The government will definitely try to show that they have done so much for the welfare of the public. In that process, only all the issues mentioned by the author will take place. But the moment elections are over, they forget the promises and public will be helpless.
    But for the sake of these things we should not invite elections every year. The cost of elections will be very high and if we have every year election the expenditure will become enormous and we have to pay the penalty. So we should not expect these elections every year. however, the author's wish may fulfil this time for Karnataka assembly as there is no majority for any single party. Let us wait and see.

    always confident

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