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    Is the Acceptance Of The Technologies Leads To The Umeployment?

    This has been often the case that we blame on the technologies for more unemployment in the society. For example, I have also been to the time wherein most of the jobs were performed with the help of hands or in other words we did manually. In all those the majority of manual jobs were in context to the creation & the maintenance of records of any kinds. This is the case of in house jobs but there would be numerous other platforms wherein the use of technology has influenced many entrepreneurs of both governmental & private organizations. Even to our homes we are carrying Desktop computers or Laptop for facilitating ourselves in context to banking transactions or for any other jobs like for writing blogs.

    During this whole scenario we have shown the flexibility in which we are becoming much more comfortable to the latest of the technologies around us.

    There is one picture wherein the puppet show from some outside state used moved on from place to place to entertain us but now no more attractive to us as we have television equipped with cable with HD quality. Once the market flooded with the STD booths but now lost its importance because of cheap mobile set with lots of applications in it. We used to have more paper jobs & for that we required many to manage all those but now all these are created with the help of computers with lots of memories within.

    So, do you feel that the acceptance & the implementation of the technologies & updating this with the time has got both the aspects of black as well as the brighter side or we were good as per our traditional ways of living & this never required.

    And if we remained through the traditional ways then what would have been the scenario. Was that would be the perfect one?
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    The advancement in technology paves the way for the loss of jobs. There is another argument that new jobs are also created by the very advancement of technology. There should be a scientific analysis as to how many jobs are lost and how many are created. The advancement in technology requires that one should upgrade himself in tune with the latest technologies. This is a continuous process and those who fail to upgrade will be left behind. In our country which is having the second largest population in the world, balance is required to be maintained in supply and demand. The problem is supply is more than demand in our case. This will create joblessness and unrest. If we ignore the technology, we will be left behind. This is a critical issue and balancing is also difficult.
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    The more we develop, there are every chance of new opportunities and new technology comes into being. Suppose in one country, a car model becomes out dated and not cared, that would come to India with little modifications and try with huge publicity, thus we the Indians floored over the ads, would go for that car no doubt it is costly even. That way the entire brand would be sold and then one fine morning we feel dejected as there is no service back up and we have to shell the car for low price or for scraps. The best example is the Qualis cars which were craze once and now no takers nor seen in the market.
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    In this changing world, we all are upgrading ourselves with the latest technologies. In case of jobs is also the same, if we do not learn the new skills, we would be left behind. We would become unemployed. Every single day, industries are bringing in a new set of tools and skills and add it to their newest job descriptions.
    We need to accept and learn these technologies to acquire jobs in the market be it in private or a government organization. In order to survive and remain a working professional, we need to follow the upcoming changes.

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    We need a lot less skilled labour in tech era and that is a fatal blow onto craftsmen of the ancient days. The doll-makers. The silk- weavers and many other skilled craftsmen have totally lost their livelihoods. Man cannot compete with machines. We have to learn to coexist with them.
    But despite all of this, we would still need engineers, auditors, doctors etc
    Computers can't take up the place of a human yet. Unemployment according to me exist because of blindsiding opportunities.

    If industries don't offer jobs think of your own way to earn. You can do anything from bidding on lockers to selling collectibles.
    Odd jobs can too help you earn. But if you want to make it rich or profitable, start a start-up. At least 2 in 10 people can write a program nowadays. I myself have learnt Java and other basic programming. I'll just have to learn an Android developing program and start an app building business.
    There are so many ways to earn that unemployment seems a myth.

    Unemployment isn't the issue. Underpayment is. People are getting underpaid. So they lose interest and quit jobs. I admit. Finding opportunities is a difficult task but with determination and focus we all can make it big.

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    To some extent, new technologies will reduce the jobs but we can not blame it fully.

    The employment opportunities depend on many factors and if Govt wants it can create job avenues in various ways.

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    Fighting technology and innovation are like fighting change and if we did it would be a losing battle.

    We need to judiciously introduce and accept new discoveries and innovation within a society or country. Anything new needed not be all or none. the old will still have a role to play even beyond the transition phase.

    Some of us grew with a slate and few chalk pieces at the beginning of our education, now most of the children use a book, pencil/pen but still chalk pieces and slates are used in rural areas. New things mean phasing out the old things, this is also applicable to the job but it would be a transition of the employee from one old job role to a new job role. There would be some who would be redundant but prior planning would help in the better handling of the unemployment.

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    Acceptance of Technology creates new opportunities for talented and skilled people. As new technologies emerge, companies have to align themselves to survive. This forces them to migrate to the new and appropriate technologies for which they need skilled people and they need to train their existing employees on the new technologies. Sometimes it might create new job roles as well which is great. If at all technology takes away the job, then it would be less than 1% but if we see the percentage it creates it would be more. For example, in IT sector new technology arrive at least once in a decade. And companies don't stop their hiring anytime. They reduce the hiring numbers but suddenly increase the intake count. New technologies like Machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, etc. are creating more jobs.

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    I don't think that advancement in technology will create unemployment. It will open up a new route for the jobs if one route is closed. If we are using a computer, we require software development, hardware maintenance and other programmes. To get these things done we require specialists in the field. That will create new avenues for employment. In fact, when there was no computerisation, many of us are trying for jobs and the openings were very less. But once the software has come into picture many jobs were created and many Engineers got the employment. But the people have to get updated every time to stand in the competition and acquire new skills to remain in the front. Thus learning and updating will be a continuous process and keep the employees alert and always try to sharpen their axe.
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