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    Many first time voters in Karnataka elections. Are they briefed about voting ?

    In India for every five years elections do takes place for different state assemblies and the Parliament. So there are every chance of new voters getting into voting age slot and they are ought to be given voter card and also right to vote. Many students who qualified to be first time voters are not aware of what to do inside the voting booth. It would be nice if the government gives them tutorial about voting machine and its working style , so that new voters would have full knowledge before voting.
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    I agree with the view of the author. But as the traditions are carried forward from the previous generations to the new generations so in the same way this information is also available through different platforms. The most important remains the family itself. And along with this the information being telecasted by the election commission in the respective areas through news channels & hoarding could also play a pivotal role in this.

    Facebook could also be considered as the basis of sharing any type of information including the significance of casting votes & this having impact on our life as well as in the future too.

    Good thought as & although we are aware of these but often lost to its importance this type of initiatives are very much required.

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    For today's election, we've had many newspaper and mass media informative ads about how to use the electronic voting machines. Even this morning we had a write up of how physically challenged people could use the voting machine.

    We've also had many forward messages about the options on social media and I think, here social media can be better used to explain the methods and function of the voting machines.

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