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    The Best Reason For Changing Job So Far!

    One of the most important question by the interviewer to a candidate in an interview is,

    "Why you are looking for a change".

    Often this works as a dead end for the applicant. Although the interpretation of the similar answers would be different to the different interviewers but the candidate is left with only the options of going ahead with what he feel would be the best possible to him.

    But for me the money part shouldn't be the part of it. So, I have often repeated myself with "Opportunities, Learning & Growth". But during different occasions this seemed to be different to different interviewer.

    The members are requested to come up with the best possible answer so others too can get the benefit.
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    Such questions at interviews are tricky. To me, these are questions that can lure you into a trap, if one is not careful. What should not be done is giving a flowery patronizing reply, portraying the previous company or job in a bad light or referring to serving a noble cause etc.
    What is needed is a practical answer about newer experiences to be gained, learning and earning opportunities that the new job would potentially give the candidate.

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    I was naive and so frank and honest. I was asked this question in my interview .
    I told frankly the two reasons:
    1. Increase in salary(I was very clear about the quantum of minimum increase)
    2. More probability of getting transfer to my native place .( In my then employment, there was almost nil chance of getting a transfer to native place a the organisation did not have a branch there).

    Though the guide books and articles available in those days told to say something like 'social service' knowledge , learning etc, I did not say those tutored answers, but was frank and open on my real reason. I was in my middle twenties only then. It is now history that I got selected. May be God and interview board were kind to me.

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    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    This is such a question the answer of which is known to every interviewer. I think, whenever such question is asked and an interviewee gives a different reply (like he/she wants to explore new avenues or he/she likes the new company), the interviewers laugh silently. Everybody knows that people change jobs for better pay package or to get transferred near/at the home-station.

    I think it is better to give honest reply along with another viable reason, to this question. As for example, the interviewee can reply that he wants a better pay-package along with the opportunity to work in an esteemed company in manufacturing/service sector.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    This is the most common question that will be asked by an interviewer and it is needed too.
    The most basic reason is the salary hike that everyone says and its applicable too.
    The second reason as already mentioned by the author would be growth, to get more new opportunities of learning.
    Others could be to acquire more skills, however, we only apply the skills in our job. But we learn a lot too. We learn about the process.
    Other reasons could be to learn about different work culture of different organizations.

    Do what inspires you !!

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    The best reason for changing a job may have different thoughts of different persons and there cannot be same yard stick which goes into changing of jobs often. There are people who are not satisfied in their life from the child hood and they get pleasure when they keep on changing things. Like buying new vehicle when the present vehicle is just two years old. Some people have genuine reason for changing the jobs. That they are not satisfied with the management and staff and hence want to have a chance. Some have the compulsion to change the job for hike in salary. But many candidates have opted for other job, just because his or her friend is in that company and wants a companion. May for all these reasons the companies are seeking bond from the candidate to serve for a minimum period. Nevertheless those who cannot perform in a single company for longer period, they cannot do so in any company.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    This is a question commonly asked in the interviews. Actually, every person tries to make his career in the best possible way and due to this basic requirement, it becomes necessary to search and move to better jobs.

    People have different aptitudes and sometimes due to financial reasons, one has to join a non-interesting job also. As soon as the opportunity comes one switches to a job in his area of interest.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Few obvious reasons -
    1. Salary hike
    2. Personal career aspirations

    More can be said about
    1. Looking forward for challenging roles
    2. Re-developing skills in different areas
    3. New employer benefits and their portfolio for stability.
    4. Job satisfaction.

    Life Is Beautiful

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    I was working in HIndupur of Anantapur District of Andhra Pradesh n 1988. I attended an interview in Hyderabad and the same question they asked me. The reply I have given is as follows.
    1. The company where I am working is a very good company and I am the head of the Organisation. But there is no further scope for me to grow in my career there. I am in my 30s and if I am not changing toma good job now, the chances will come down as I grow. SoI want to have a change.
    2. My salary what I am getting is good there but I expect a better pay packet here as the Organisation is bigger when compared to the other organisation.
    3. My native place is well connected to Hyderabad and it is an overnight journey only whereas from Hindupur it will be almost 24 hours and not well connected.
    I have not noticed any feelings on the faces of the other side. But I was selected with almost 25% hike in my salary and perks. So I feel the answers I have given are more apt and reasonable.

    always confident

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