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    Honestly why should I vote for them?

    Amidst the cacophony of shrill election debates and speeches, I have been trying to think. Congress and various other parties, directly and indirectly, are appealing to the voters to vote for these parties in the next Lok Sabha elections. The leaders of these parties are saying that the present ruling party has not done anything for the country and dividing the country into religious lines. So, according to them, we must dethrone the present ruling party.

    I have been searching the internet and various other newspapers and periodicals for the last seven days. I am trying to find out the agenda of these political parties. What do they promise for the common people? What is their roadmap for India's development if they come to power? How do they propose to address India's security concern? How do they deal with anti-national forces hell-bent to harm India's integrity? How do they make India stronger, economically, industrially, agriculturally, militarily?

    After spending lots of time, I could not find any material which addresses the above questions. It seems that these parties are directionless and don't have any agenda/roadmap for progress. Then why should I vote for them? Why should Indians vote in favour these parties?

    I expect an honest debate minus rhetorics.
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    Along with the fundamentals & the policies of various political parties, leadership also plays the important role in creating the image of the party. So we got two most famous names here, one is PM Modi & the another one Rahul Gandhi. If we imagine the backgrounds of both the individuals & the beliefs that they have been supporting to then possible half of the doubts would be cleared. That while for one its a family business & that their members have been involved in questing everyone from surgical strikes to supporting the JNU incidence for not objecting for their slogans raised against our country & slogans raised in the favor of a terrorist who got death penalty by the Supreme Court itself.

    If not aware of then Rahul Gandhi & his Mother are both on bail. So the president as well as the vice-president of the party, both are accused of some fraud.

    On the other hand we have the PM Modi of the ruling government who is now being appreciated everywhere having with clear image. Adding that so far his decisions were never meant for any particular community for in general & applicable for all as same. He remains the only option for PM post in the coming general election. Pl. go for him.

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    One thing has become increasingly visible now. Congress is becoming irrelevant in India as they are loosing state after state and the regional parties by virtue of their pittance seats try to form group and starting asserting rights much to the annoy of Congress. Surely the next general elections would be three sided contest. One with BJP, Congress sailing with some parties and Federal front which is being nurtured by KCR will have some say in the South. Because TRS, DMK, TMC, JDS are part of Federal front and they want to keep BJP and Congress at bay. But voters have their own choice and choose the party dearer to them.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    My question is: What is the agenda of Congress and other opposition parties for development? Why should I vote for one of these parties?

    No rhetoric.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Like you many many people in India may ask themselves why should I vote for BJP for the following reasons:-
    1. Our judiciary system is in greatest turmoil during BJP rule in this five years than any other time after Independence.
    2. The promise of bringing back corrupt money from foreign banks back to India within 100 days after attaining power not fulfilled and not even inch of progress has not seen by people.
    3. Transparency in electoral funds become easier for the ruling party to get black money from back doors easier.
    4. Providing millions of jobs for educated and skilled youngsters became a nightmare.
    5. Demonetization became a complete failure and GST became a nightmare for Indian citizens which ruined the lives of millions people losing their jobs.
    6. There is not even a little improvement in decrease of corruption practices in India and this can viewed through the example of exchange of currency notes during demonetization by rich and big guns of India through back doors.
    7. Lokayukt which includes PM of India was not initiated its functioning in BJP rule which promises clean, honest and corruption free rule.
    8. RTI act was weakened and diluted in BJP rule showing various reasons of the security which was not the case in previous government rule.
    9. Lakhs of crores of rupees were invested for constructing largest statues of Sardar Patel and other leaders while the poor people of India are unable to earn for their livelihood.
    10. Lakhs of crores of funds were diverted to unnecessary projects like Bullet trains while lakhs of farmers are unable to get any help from government in the form of loans to raise their crops or get proper profit for their produce.
    11. In BJP rule Petrol, Diesel and LPG rates were increased many folds even though in International markets their prices are low. When UPA government raises their prices because increase in international prices the same BJP people make a hell in the parliament house with their protests. Now the same people silently increasing the prices and making the common man's life miserable.
    11. Cross border terrorism increased very much in BJP rule and despite of multitudes of foreign visits by our PM how much foreign investment comes to India no one knows and in what way all other countries of the world helping us no one knows.
    12. When we question what are the achievements of BJP govt. in this tenure means BJP fans say give 10 more years for BJP will show what it will do for the development of the country thinking 5 years is not sufficient for any development.
    13. This is the term of BJP govt. where lot of communal and religious tensions, riots and destructing statues of other political leaders and national leaders took place. PM Modi himself has to warn their leaders to stop the attacks of BJP people with cases related to Cow protection.
    14. Protection of women became a farse where their leaders themselves involved in heinous acts
    15. Usually leaders are know to get their fame by positively ruling the country but in BJP rule leaders are getting appreciations for winning the elections by various strategies.
    16. In BJP rule in some State elections this party is in second or third position through and manipulation come to power by false means throwing out democratic norms.

    So like you more than 50% of Indian people thinking about in a reverse way as I mentioned above. So in democracy don't think our thinking is applicable to every citizen of India.

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    This thread is dealing with the reasons for voting the opposition parties in the next election. If I were the Editor, I would award negative points for diverting the thread in a different direction.

    However, I must say that each of the points mentioned by you can be contested. As I am feeling sleepy, I am mentioning the counter-arguments in respect of first two points only:-
    (a) ''Our judiciary system is in greatest turmoil during BJP rule in this five years than any other time after Independence.'' -----Read the history of the Supreme Court. Our judiciary including the Supreme Court faced the biggest turmoil in 1974-75, on the eve of and during the emergency.
    (b)''The promise of bringing back corrupt money from foreign banks back to India within 100 days after attaining power not fulfilled and not even inch of progress has not seen by people.''------Does anybody remember the promise of Nehru of hanging the black-marketeers on the lampposts? Does anyone remember the empty slogan of Indra Gandhi ''Garibi Hatao''?

    Ignorance is NOT always bliss.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Congress is seeking vote for one big reason. That it is the largest surviving party over 100 years and they claim have the experience of running the administration to the satisfaction of all sections of the society. Congress feels that even if regional parties may get some seats, they cannot govern at the center and thus Congress turns to be big boss for them and they have to accept the leadership of Congress party to lead the country. And Congress claims that most of the foreign policy of the party is being followed by BJP and hence it has one more reason to govern free from safron sects interference.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The opposition parties are desperate to come into the power. They are behaving like a desperate young man searching a respectable job and in case of not getting it his frustration is well understood. The young man is only bothered for a job not thinking to serve the organisation later.

    These people have nothing to do with agenda as their main agenda is to win by hook or by crook.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Very good responses so far. However, I request the supporters of Congress and other opposition parties, to let me know the agenda points or roadmaps of these parties for bringing progress/development and peace in India. Why do the common people would vote for these parties in the next elections? On what points?

    Let's not indulge in rhetorics.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Both parties have had their eureka moments and moments best forgotten. In any election, especially at the national level, parties would do their best to project themselves as saviors and discredit the opposite parties. Often the good work done by the party should be more than the wrongdoings of the opposition.

    In terms of the positives over a short period of time, the BJP has an edge over the Congress. Hopefully be the election time 2019, the judiciary issue and the dissident among the allies would settle down. But if the party loses Karnataka and doesn't do something quickly about the unemployment figures, the PMs oratory skills would be discredited at the election platform later on.

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    But is there any agenda for the future progress of the opposition parties? Is there any roadmap? Why should a serious and conscious voter vote for these parties?
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    The Congress party ruled for more than 50 years. It has a clear-cut roadmap. The present government is following the policies of the Congress party only.
    " Be Good and Do Good "

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    I don't see any agenda for congress except only one point that is to see their beloved President as The Prime Minister of India. The wanted their ex-president of the party to be PM but couldn't realise that for technical reasons which I need not or I don't want to mention here. Now, these loyalists want to see the present President as PM. I could see that only one point agenda. Maybe another point of dethroning the BJP.
    These people never say what they will do, how they will make the country to develop and what are their ways and means to achieve 100% employment to the people and how they are going to protect the interests of the women of the country. The Congress party will any time have only one agenda of seeing a person from Nehru family as the PM. Nothing more or less than that.

    always confident

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