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    Do You Feel The Pressure Of Professionalism While Receiving The Promotional Calls?

    Have you experienced your professionalism in a job, while the time you are onto something important but received a promotional call making an offer for credit card or personal loans?

    Or we tend to shout on them?

    Well, this remains the case that in throughout day, we do get few such calls that we are not interested for but still not knowing the contact number being flashing on the mobile scree, we pick the call & feel a sudden irritation mixed with slight anger has come up & then we respond in a tone
    which sometimes not makes us satisfied or happy from within. Althugh its a human nature & upto us decide but it's good to say that "In the mean time I am not interested", rather then giving them a shout.

    If we opt for a bit of professionalism within ourselves during that few seconds of time then don't you feel that you are involved in some kind act by not creating trouble for others because words matter. This is not a negative if reply with "Not Interested", but having shout on them will certainly does.
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    I have received many such promotional calls, especially offering some loan sum. I used to say,"Sorry, I am not in need of money now. If there is a need, I shall contact you. Thank you." The call ends.
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    We do get many such promotional calls during our office time or maybe when we are on an important call. There would be some people who would shout at them when they would be getting continuous such calls.
    When I receive such calls, I always say "Thank you, but I don't need any credit card or loan", the call simply disconnects.
    As they are also working people like us and they have the job to make such calls only, we should understand their intent too and not misbehave with them. Responding with politeness could be another effective way to react to their questions.

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    We should not lose our temper unnecessarily on these employees who are engaged in this marketing practice. That will not be a prudent thing to do.

    What I found as a solution to this problem is to store these numbers as cut1, cut2 etc or ignore1, ignore2 etc as there will be hardly 30-40 numbers from where such call emerge.

    This way you can ignore them on the first glimpse and the question of shouting does not arise. There are some apps also through which you can manage to cut these calls immediately and automatically once these numbers are stored for blocking inside that app.

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    For us our work is worship and we get irritated and tensed when some one disturbs us. We wont even allow our family members calls or the staff from the office to disturb us and in that case how come we tolerate a professional promotional call when we have pressing works. And for those callers they too should have the manners and timing. They should not disturb the people at wrong time. Many a time I shouted at the professional callers when I was driving and that would disturb me to stop the vehicle and address. Some times I am at the signal cross roads and the cameras are focused at me and If I talk, that is the violation of traffic rules and I will be fined for no fault. Who will be responsible for the challan being raised to fine me. So the professionals must apply their mind and should not make calls at odd timings. If we are free and relax mood I dont mind attending such calls, surely not when I am most busy.
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    The people on the other end making the pormotional calls have to do it for their living. These calls come at odd times when you are really waiting for some call or in the middle of something and in anticipation, we receive the call only to find that it is for a loan, card or a policy that you have discontinued.

    I'm generally polite and say, no thanks and cut the call. I get annoyed when the person on the other end is pushy, then I give them precise statements, do not violate privacy and be persistent when I've clearly said no' and cut the call, this often works and I don't get the calls from the same number for a while.

    So, how we all take this would depend on the timing, our engagements at that time, our mood and the manner in which the caller interacts with us.

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    One's means of living should not become a problem for the others. Most of the time we will be courteous to people who make promotional calls. Repeated calls and calls at an inappropriate time make us lose our temper. I wonder how these people find the exact time to call when we are busy with work, driving a vehicle or having a nap in the afternoon. I registered my mobile number with the 'Do Not Disturb' registry of BSNL. I am still getting these annoying calls. On the 'Youtube' we have many hilarious videos on the Tele callers.
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