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    Thunderstorms - another natural disaster

    Natural disasters are the kind of disasters that happen naturally and anytime. They occur due to natural forces. One of such a natural disaster is a thunderstorm.
    From past few days, we were hearing news of thunderstorms hitting places of the northern region of our country like Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, killing many people and making many of them injured.

    Now we all know what a thunderstorm is?

    It is basically a storm that is carried out by heavy winds, along with thunder and lightning. It leads to the formation of some cumulonimbus clouds. These clouds are formed with the warm and unstable air that travels upwards, and it cools as it moves upwards. When condensation of this air occurs, it releases heat and that helps in the formation of a thunderstorm. When condensation gets higher in the cloud, it falls down both in the form of water droplets or ice.

    Now when such heavy thunderstorms are happening, we need to be very careful and should stay inside our homes to protect ourselves. Even if we are outside, we should not go under a tree. We should not go at such a place where lightning can easily fall and it can spread. We should rather stay in a car if we are in there. As the tyres will act as an insulator to electricity and heat and will protect.
    Stay away from water during lightning.

    Stay away from any kind of metal that can act as a conductor to the electricity.

    We should carefully keep looking at the sky and see for safety.

    Thunderstorms can lead to the destruction of thousands of lives and could also damage the buildings or crops. It usually occurs when there is too much of heat, mostly during summers or spring.
    Stay aware of the weather conditions of your area and stay protected and safe.
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    Yes in the recent past there has been series of thunderstorms and that too being experienced during peak summer and thus we have been treated with worst weather conditions where in dust and ice pieces are bombarding the human habitats with such a speed and velocity that none can even think of going for a shelter and thus many have lost their valuable lives. In my life I have never seen three seasons in a day. Morning till late afternoon it would be peak summer with scorching heat, evening it would be raining and late evenings it would be chilly weather. This kind of weather conditions affect the children and the elders most. Better to keep indoors till the weather gets normal. In North India we could see the cloud burst at many places and the dust storms in the desert region was worst. There are every chances of our eyes getting affected if open eyes are exposed to the dust storms without protection.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I agree to the very fact that these as a natural disasters could be challenging to our life & properties. So better to be ready & prepared then face the consequences as many have gone through during the recent incidences. With the loss of shelters as those homes were Kachcha ghar (Kachcha Makan), the life wouldn't be easy.

    This is sad but a large numbers of these homes are not constructed with the quality materials & so likely to get expelled during such natural disasters & as a consequences few lead to suffer much. Hope so the time will change & will bring some positive changes within so as to make available the common man with the below poverty level to having the most basic facility of living life.

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    Thunderstorms are generally localised or move in a belt but they do a lot of havoc.

    We should be very careful during these times and avoid going outdoors.

    The recent thunderstorm in Delhi, Gurgaon, parts of Haryana and parts of Uttarakhand did a lot of damage to property and crops.

    Generally, at the onset of summer, these storms are observed.

    Knowledge is power.

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    A useful thread, like the warnings about facing cyclones. When we watch the videos of the thunderstorms, it is scary to see the fury of mother nature and saddened to see people lose their lives and homes.

    South India often has cyclones leading to such large-scale destruction like the ones we are seeing in thunder/dust storms of North India. Let the Almighty help the people in trouble apart from the governments and people.

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    In this summer almost on every day evening we find black cluster of clouds formation and accompanied with heavy wind and thus the rain would pour with thunder. The people are so much scared that especially the elders who have never seen such chance of season during peak summer. But the situation in North is very challenging. Each day we are seeing dust storm accompanied by heavy gale and ice rain which is very dangerous as it may damage the vehicles and proves fatal for those who are on the roads. Please do not attend to cell phones during such thunderstorms as there are every chance of one getting electrocuted.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    In Hyderabad this year almost from last four or five days we were having black clouds in the evenings and heavy thunders and rain are coming for a small period. The change the atmosphere within minutes will pay a very crucial role in the health of the individuals. These rains are spoiling the crops also.
    The author very well explained the problems associated with the thunderstorms and one should be careful in dealing with this periods. It is advisable to avoid going out during this time and better to be under the shade only.
    We were in Kedarnath on 9th of this month. It is hot summer but the area is full of snow and all the roads are closed. But the next day morning the sky is clear and no indications of rain and we could have the darshan.

    always confident

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