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    Hardik Patel who fought for his community , now wants to lead stir for Gujjars too ?

    We all know that Hardik Patel was in forefront and lead the stir in support of Patel community and was instrumental in bringing oneness in his community and demanded more rights and more concessions to Patels. Now he is offering his support for the Gujjars and that really surprised every one. Is that mean , he made strikes as his profession to press the governments for their demands. Fighting for his community was tolerable and accepted too, but when he comes out open for other community means, he seems to do business with stirs ?
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    There is no limit to the political aspirations of people and Hardik Patel is no exception. Once a person leads a movement and comes in limelight then his ambitions get enhanced and he searches new avenues to lead.

    Many people get a job and are satisfied with it and concentrate in their work. On the other hand, there are people who do not want to work or obey a boss in the office. In fact, they want to lead the people and wish that others should follow them.

    These are the people out of which a few only are successful and reach the top political levels.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Nowadays Hardik Patel is very anxious. I fully sympathize with him. He first started the movement of Patidars in Gujarat. But he later got himself involved in various controversies including some juicy sex scandals. As a result, after the last Gujarat election where he became victorious, another leader Jignesh Mewani stole the limelight. Jignesh is presently the cynosure of eyes of India's secular-liberal brigade.

    So, Hardik is justifiably worried. He is now helping some Gujjars to create unrest in their strongholds. In this way, Hardik feels that he would get back into the limelight.

    Common people feel that it is now time to give a good kick to Hardik to bring him ack to the hard ground of reality.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    "Hardik Patel", remains one of the politicians who works on divide & rule policy. He always knew that to be into politics he needs the attention of the common & so he just went on to be on news. He talked on specific community during Gujrat election & that worked for him. But the negligence is not always possible by the voters so lucky he got the attention earlier but probably wouldn't be possible next time.

    Sometimes the voters are not clear to their thoughts & during that time the benefit can go to any of the parties. But in the coming times the situation would be a lot more difficult as recently they got out with the bad image. They are into cheap politics which may result in short term gains but not in long terms profits.

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    Such people come up with a fresh breath of change in an otherwise stale political platform. Once they reach the masses, they realise that it is difficult to keep a hold on the people and to stay in limelight. They open nurse an ambition to raise up the ranks of politics and official stardom so that they can have a party alliance and move on. If not they stay active by supporting a section of people on various issues. There is no shortage of people with a grievance against a particular political party or the system. Hence people like Hardik Patel, keep innovating themselves and play the same card to a different audience.

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    These are all political gimmicks. Once he was in limelight and he was in news. But now people are forgetting him. So he wants something or other to come again into the news. So now he is trying to create a problem by knocking at the Gujjars. But one can't fool the people many times. Once they may get fooled or twice but not more. Now people will understand the nature and intentions of the person and they will teach him a lesson which is due to him.
    always confident

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    I think that this poor guy, who wants to emerge as a mass leader of sorts, should study Tamil Nadu politics for very good case studies.

    Any emerging leader is always watched for every single observable behavior, major or minor. The leader is seen as a new hope and, if his or her words and deeds match, he or she will build credibility. Otherwise, he or she will simply go down in public esteem.

    Vijayakanth, the actor, is one such example. When he started his political career, he was seen as a serious alternative to both the DMK and the AIADMK. However, he started blabbering and was seen drunk in every meeting. Worse, he aligned with the dirtiest politician TN has ever seen --- the most corrupted Jayalalitha. He lost all credibility since then. The poor fellow cannot even talk now, as his health is so poor.

    Ditto for another crook called Dr Ramadoss, of the PMK, who would selfishly align with one of the major parties, and go to one camp where he would get more seats to contest for his PMK.

    He lost all credibility and his joker son, one good comic character called Dr Anbumani Ramdoss, was and is, another guy who has brought down the PMK. This fellow, who was also a Union Minister for health in the UPA regime, was shamelessly corrupt and made his billions through all corrupt means.

    Today, Kamal Hassan,the handsome hero has entered politics. The ruling AIADMK is trying its best to stop him. But his personal integrity is very good and he has been a very honest tax payer. He has also done commendable social work.

    Mr Patel needs to build credibility like Mr Naidu of AP. His intentions should be seen as very honest by the very same new constituencies he is now aspiring to fight for.

    If he can do this, and also have clean hands, he will win. Otherwise he will fall like our Vijayakanth or Dr Ramdoss.

    Mr Patel should come down to Chennai to learn many lessons. It is a good laboratory to learn the art of survival and growth, as it were, in politics.

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