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Second prize-winning entry for the 'Place the words, write a story' contest.
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    Why to sweat about it?

    "Fun? In this scorching Sun? I'm being squeezed of every drop of water in me. And this sweat!! God! I hate this sweat. I'm sweating like a pig. I wish I wasn't a mammal. If I were a reptile I would rest in shade and not sweat like this".

    "George! Cool down", giggled Jake,"by the way, pigs have no sweat glands. They pant or bathe in clay to cool down. Hippos, Rhinos, pigs, whales etc have no sweat glands despite being mammals."

    "I think I know why. These mammals don't have much of body hair. Mammals sweat because they have hair right?" George speculated with excitement.

    "We, at Jojo lab are testing right about that -"
    "Hold it Jake! There is no Jojo lab and you're a student. Come back to reality. But tell me, is there a way I can reduce the rate of perspiration?"

    "The Jojo lab-"
    "Jake!!!" George remarked angrily.
    "Have discovered that ears have an important role in temperature regulation. The blood vessels are just right under your cartilage and skin there and if you can keep those blood vessels cool you can trick your body. This makes you sweat 8% lesser."

    " I to wrap a wet towel around my ears?"

    "But listen," Jake interrupted," not all sweat is same. There are two types of sweats."
    "Really? Aren't all sweats just a watery salty soup?" asked the sceptical George.

    "Eccrine sweat is your normal sweat. Watery. Used to cool you down. But apocrine sweat has protein,lipids and steroids in it. Apocrine sweat has your DNA in it hence. It has a characteristic smell unlike your normal sweat, this scent is called pheromone and is helpful in finding a mate.
    Apocrine sweat is secreted only from your armpits and area surrounding your reproductive organs.
    I call these apocrine secreting areas the Jojo complexes.
    So...sweat might be a good thing."

    "Like Julia is ever going to smell my sweaty shirt and propose me! And you just want to insert Jojo into everything. Wait! Insects produce pheromones too. They don't even have pores on skin to sweat."

    "Yes, one can produce pheromones without sweat glands too. Exocrine glands in insects produce pheromones. Insects don't just use pheromones for attracting a mate. They communicate with their scents. So they secrete a lot more pheromones than you and I".

    "Got it. But why is our eccrine sweat salty? Salt is necessary for survival right? Why would we sweat it all out?" asked George.
    "Well your body absorbs all the necessary salt you need and it's just a small amount that escapes into the sweat and settles on your skin. This then becomes a perfect breeding soup for bacteria which emit foul odor. So it is the bacteria that smells and not sweat", explained Jake.

    "Wow Jake. I learnt a lot about sweat today. Thanks".
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    A very interesting and well-narrated satire by the author. I really congratulate him to bring such an informative piece of prose as a thread here.

    Sweating is a natural biological phenomenon and it has an important purpose in the body. The different types of sweats are there and they carry the body fluids on to the skin for evaporation.

    Knowledge is power.

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    The sweat of human being and the animals well compared. Normally the more we have the hair, the more the sweat it out. But again trimmed air also brings about same amount of sweat.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    An innovative approach to explain the different types of sweat and temperature regulation. A thread of science in the form of a conversation story snippet.

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    A good thread and well narrated. Appreciation to the author for making an innovative attempt at making this thread for the contest. He explained very well about the process of sweating.
    always confident

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