Listing Some Positive Developmental Projects Around Us.

We talked a lot about the increasing prices of the petrol & of the vegetables & of the daily needs which is based on the observations to our locations as this having an impact on us, as for average family the budget is limited & even bit of prices being going upwards raises a concern to all of them.

I want you all to list any of the developments or the facilities that surprises you of being in existence which were not expected or existed before.

Myself belonged to the central part of MP which is Katni & being my native place I have seeing this place since my childhood days. But since recently that saw good changes which were not there for a very long time. For example, the Railway station has got its infrastructure improved with extended parking lot with inbuilt refreshment rooms & more vigilant workers who now keeping-up with their responsibilities & so we can see the security moving along with clean surroundings which never used to be there. Similarly, I stay in Delhi for my job, & in the last four years we witnessed with lots of developments & growth projects like the roads are broadened in many parts of Delhi quiet attached to Noida, Gurgaon & other NCR areas. Metros are extended to the more interior parts of the NCR areas. And many more.

Do you find something in you localities that you feel good about. Pl. go ahead & tell us more about it.