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    When the trees are cut and made as windows, then we keep them open for breeze. How ?

    The daily living in metros and big cities in the concrete jungle is really irritating and sweating. As the peak summer sets in, there is no scope for breeze or air as there are no trees. We force the trees to be cut and make them the windows and main doors, and from where we get the breeze even if windows are kept open. Therefore those who construct house, they must at least nurture five trees so that the damage they have done in destroying the trees to make wooden things would be compensated.
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    What a thought! The author should first know about the breeze. When I go to the seashore in the evening to take some breeze, I do not find any tree over the sea. From where does the breeze come. Does the trees cause breeze? As per my understanding, the earth is surrounded by air. The motion of the air causes the wind or breeze. breeze is the light and cool flow of wind in a slow motion. It has nothing to do with the trees. The trees waver when the breeze passes through.
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    Yes seashore also brings breeze because of movements of high tides and open space. But in cities we wont have such open space and thus depend on trees for air.
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    For the information of the readers that the movement of air is only possible due to creation of high pressure areas & low pressure areas. The sunlight doesn't carried on with the same intensity at all places but instead different on different places. This different impact lead to different temperature scenario resulting in the movement of air just to filling up the gap.

    So in between, the trees plays an important role throughout as this helps in maintaining the temperature to the nearby surroundings. So there is nothing wrong mentioning the trees as this is also the basis wherein the temperature can vary. With this I agree with the K Mohan, that we should also be carried on with the responsibility of nurturing few trees during our life time as in somehow we are also damaging the natural resources to our surroundings.

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    The presence of trees near houses do help controlling the temperature. It is not producing breeze, but help accelerate the movement of breeze. The major advantage of the presence of trees is purification of air. Human beings (for other animals too) need oxygen to live.
    The air in the atmosphere contain oxygen and other gases. The trees need carbon for the existence and hence the same is taken from the atmosphere by the trees, leaving pure oxygen, which the humans need. This cleaning job is done by trees. That is why tree conservation idea is popularised by nature lovers. The Governments are also introducing different schemes to conserve trees and forests.
    Of course there other environmental gains we get from trees, mainly the preservation of underground water.

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    Interesting, and a point to ponder.
    It is like staying an air conditioned cottage on the seaside, closing all doors and windows.
    Practically we do that.
    A proverb which I studied in lower primary class meant 'keeping butter in hand and searching for Ghee'.

    Trees around our homes have many surprise effects. We can get up hearing birds chirp. We get shade and feel less warmth during summer.Children can play around the trees. They come t use in many many ways. If possible let us not cut trees, but plant more of them.

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    Just two days back we had a news in the Times of India about 24 trees cut to imporve or give better visibility to adveristment billboards in Bellandur, Bangalore.

    The demand for wood and land space is so great that large tracts of vegetation are systematically destroyed every day. We often hear about the illegal destruction of sandalwood and red sanders from South India. We tend to forget the number of old gaint trees lost in the name of road widening, flyovers and hypermarkets.

    Trees big in shade, imporve the air quailty, greenery around the busy streets or neighborhoods also encourage bird life. This summer we have the gulmohar trees in full bloom, seeing tree lined avenues with the riot of colours is very pleasant.

    Like the authors idea of contributing to afforestation by planting trees. Since the last year or so, there has been an increasing trend about gifting small saplings to children at birthday parties and summer camps. Hopefully we can also plant and nurture trees wherever possible.

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    Trees are very important for maintaining a clean atmosphere. They take whatever we leave out and give us the fresh oxygen without which we can't survive. When there is sunlight, the trees will get the reaction of photosynthesis to have the greenery and in this process, some heat will be absorbed and hence around the trees, the temperature will become less. Trees are air purifiers.
    So we all should have the habit of growing trees. These days terrace plantation is also coming out. We can grow plants on our terrace by having pots or spreading the clay on the terrace and introducing the drip irrigation methods where you will have less water consumption and more trees. We should compensate for the damages caused by us to nature. There is no second thought about it.

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    Trees alone cannot help. There should be space for the air to circulate. Concrete jungles will only increase our sufferings. When everyone wants to live in the cities with all facilities at their fingertips, such sufferings are inevitable. Let us think of spreading out instead of becoming prey to the apartment culture which is being promoted by the builders.
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