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    If Congress lose Karnataka, then there would be heavy cash crunch for the party for 2019 ?

    We all know Karnataka has voted today and the fate of so many high profile politicians are sealed in the counting machine. Congress was having its full-fledged government in Karnataka and if it loses the elections, then the survival of the party would be at stake as immediately the country goes to the general election for which huge finance would be required and if there is no source for the Congress, then it cannot fight the mighty BJP. So Congress would be surely weakened by the money crisis.
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    Punjab and Karnataka are the two last major bastions of Congress. The situation of Punjab is different. In the 2017 election, the then Vice-President of the party, almost snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. At the last moment, the Captain returned and somehow saved the day. Since then, Captain Amrinder Singh, the Maharaja of Patiala and the present Chief Minister of Punjab, doesn't allow the central leaders of the party to have any say in running the state administration.

    So Karnataka is very important for the Congress leaders in Delhi. Mr. Mohan has very correctly stated that if the Mr. 10% Chief Minister loses, the inflow of fund to the party coffers will definitely dry up, exactly what happened when CPI(M) lost West Bengal.

    It is no wonder that Congress is playing every dirty game to retain Karnataka in its fold.

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    Any politicians are carried with the businesses & in addition they are also funded by the big corporate houses & therefore I don't feel that there would be anything like that. As per the data available, during the last general election the expense was found to be nearby of Rs. 700 crores, which was spent on the publicity of Rahul Gandhi only.

    Hope so more black money would come to surface for which the preparation has already begun.

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    The Centre for Media Studies, have reported that the estimated cost of the Karnataka elections at an all-time high at Rs 95,00-10,500 crores (all candidates included). This estimate excludes the cost of the visit of PM and other central leaders during the elections. BJP was among the top 10 broadcasting audience research council spenders with Rs 300 crore for the Karnataka elections. In a report from October 2017, BJP had spend Rs 3,755 crores on publicity over a 3 1/2 year period.

    Congress certainly needs to keep this kind of spending in mind for the 2019 elections. As far as the party's declared assests go, BJP tops the list with around 894 crores and Congress at around 759 crores.

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    The spending in elections by various political parties is increasing and how this much is being managed by these people we don't know. All this money is from the taxpayers or from the industries supporting the political parties. No organisation will work without profit. So if they are giving money to political parties they will encash it from the people by increasing the cost of the products and services. Ultimately the common man is the suffering. By chance, if the government will not be lost for full-term interim elections will come and expenditure will go up. I think online voting from everybody's house from their computers or laptops may bring down a lot of saving of money.
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    I am not sure what the author wants to convey but I am quite amused by his idea. He says that the Congress party will face a financial crunch during the coming general election if it does not come to power in Karnataka. I would request him to please elucidate. How will coming to power help a political party financially? Is it an indirect recognition of corruption? In that case, we may have to stop and think, because, BJP is said to be the richest party in India as of now.
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    Mr Mohan, You are absolutely correct. People with commonsense can understand this very well. Appreciate your courage to expose this angle. Only blind Congress believers can think otherwise.
    The corrupt Congress Party needs Karnataka for milking. Now they surrendered to JDS.

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    Saji my mention is very clear. Karnataka government known for taking cuts in every deal and thus party needs such support for the future elections and hence my observations.
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    Avoiding the sarcastic comments and illogical conclusions, I would like to ask the author whether the principle (as envisaged by you) would apply to all political parties or is it just a case with the Congress.
    'It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it'. - Aristotle.

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    10% number is not an uncomfortable truth, it is the Universal truth. It may be indigestible to those who are ignorant about how political parties work in India. This number is likely to be revised shortly as many infra projects are about to take off. Otherwise, how the Grand old Party, the Mother of all Corruptions face 2019?

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