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    Do you prefer complete Freedom of Expression (FoE) or selective FoE?

    Nowadays Freedom of Expression (FoE) has become a much-discussed term. Every person seems to be talking about FoE. The members of the liberal brigade of India have been writing thousands of pages and spending thousands of broadcasting hour to discuss this term.

    But in various platforms, it is seen that FoE is very selective. Almost all platforms support only one type of FoE, but completely suppresses FoE of the opposing group. ISC management seems to be following this general trend, which is being witnessed in other social and media platform.

    So, I am asking this question. Do you prefer complete FoE or selective FoE?
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    True to its very fact that we all have a knowledge of this & we have the facts too as being recorded in the mobile with a member of the same group but we are not letting us understand to its implications. Perhaps we are too busy to think of all these nuisances or just don't having the idea that someday this could happen to us too. That everything has been said & asked about our country but we are waiting for someone to come or arrive & do the needful so that we always be comfortable.

    With all this & to my personal belief that there has to be a limitation for anything. Freedom Of Expression is important till this favors the growth of our country in some positive way but instead & if this leads to raising bad image of the society or of our country then the counter measures are required to stop all this. But we are confronted with the sections of society that support these openly in order to achieve the short term gain,

    Our education system needs upliftment with good & inspiring aspects of our rich culture but we are missing these. We need a revolution here or else the coming time is not good.

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    What I feel that when you are exposed to a public platform, there should not be rules and regulations to curtail the freedom of expression. Why because in public platforms there would be supporters, opposes, selective freedom speaking persons and negative thought people. All these people vent their ire in full public view. But when other does not have that freedom of expression, then their rights are curtailed and made mute. Even in social media some statements made by others are very provocative and brings boiling point in our blood, but we restraint ourselves not to resort to such cheap issue and thus we are controlling our emotions. But that should not taken as weakness by others. Even at ISC the freedom of expression is not full. ISC has been guarded with set principles and does not want members to entangle with issues which may even spoil the site reputation. So we are forced to live within the circle in terms of expression.
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    I believe Freedom of expression is very important on all public platforms. Especially in terms of writing out your thoughts through posts or articles, we should have that required freedom.
    Because we need to briefly express to put upon our points. But yes, we do need certain kind of restrictions on what we write and how we write. So, there has to be certain selectiveness before we put up anything and we should know how it will impact the people around. But those restrictions should be clear and explainable to all.

    Do what inspires you !!

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    In my opinion, we should have freedom of expression to some limit only. We can not insult or hurt the feelings of a particular person or community.

    Today in the name of FoE people are crossing the limit and by one way or other trying to justify their arguments. This has brought an ugly situation in the media and discussion forum.

    There are countries where citizens are very civilized and do not talk about offending or irrelevant things. In some countries like China, this is achieved through strict governance and discipline.

    So definitely the FoE requires some sort of control mechanism to contain it within the boundaries.

    Knowledge is power.

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    There is no FoE in China. Further, selective FoE is dangerous. If the FoE of one group is accepted without any restriction, the FoE of the opposing group should also get it without restriction.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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