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    Times Now exit polls predict Hung Assembly and Kumara Swamy to emerge as Kingmaker

    Though PM Narendra Modi toured Karnataka extensively and addressed many public meetings, likewise Rahul Gandhi also convened many election meetings, but the voters of Karnataka does not seem to believe the two big parties and want Kumara Swamy to be the decisive person on who shall form the government. As per Times Now exit polls. BJP may end up getting 93 seats as maximum, Congress has been projected with 103 seats and the JDS would be winning in 39 seats. Even KCR who had discussions on Federal front recently with Deve Gouda and Kumara Swamy opined that JDS will be the kingmaker to form the government.
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    It will be a government of JDS+(BJP or Congress). No other way. By Tuesday everything will be clear.
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    This comes as no surprise, many in Bangalore, as I've mentioned in the earlier threads expect it to be an alliance government with no single party having the absolute majority.

    However hard the leaders try to woo the voters, the high profile election campaigns have split the voters. The latest exit polls from 8:10 PM states that BJP would have 103, Congress 86, JD(S) 31 seats. I think we should take the exit polls with a pinch of salt as to the authenticity given the do or die situation for both BJP and Congress. One thing in clear, Kumaraswamy would be the Kingmaker and/or Deputy CM.

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    But many a time the exit poll figures were also made wrong. Let us wait for exact election result.
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    From the statements of our former Prime Minister, it seems that it may be a JDS+Congress unless a single party wins more than half the seats. Let us wait and see. In politics anything is possible.
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    111 is the magic figure which a party has to achieve to form the government. But it seems none of the three parties would achieve the target.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    There is a remote possibility that JD(S) will support Congress because of the terms between Deve Gowda family and Sidharamaiah. There is high chance that Kumara Swamy will support BJP if BJP agrees to his conditions. He may ask for the CM seat for partial tenure.
    From the past experience in different states, BJP will no way allow the Congress to form the Government if there is a hung assembly. With its support, BJP may allow Kumaraswamy to become full time chief minister but not a Congress candidate.

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    As far as I have seen those exit poll results, BJP is going to get around 100 seats, whereas Congress would manage around 90 seats. JD(S) would manage 25-30 seats. In such scenario, Devegowda and Kumaraswami would support BJP to form the Government. They are not so foolish to support a sinking ship named Congress.
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    Exit polls are just an estimated prediction of taking into consideration the trend & the questionnaires being asked to few. So let's wait till this finally comes out as an official result on Tuesday. But in whatever way the BJP is likely to perform better from its opponent & Congress party may get yet another disastrous appearance.

    Anything is possible.

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    I have mentioned in another thread the possibility of a government forming by BJP & JDS. That was well before the exit polls.

    My logic was from the feeling that in 2013, Modi govt was not in power. People have now before them a difference choice. The Lingayat factor will have its negative effect also to Congress. Some of its loyalists will now shift the loyalty as they would have felt betrayed by Congress. However as both BJP and Congress have sufficient funds being ruling party at Cemtre and state, their campaign was very good and exhaustive. That could have its effect.

    In this situation, I felt that BJP will improve its 2013 position well and Congress may lose a few seats making it get numbers below absolute majority. In that situation JDS will choose BJP , considering the benefits it will get in the state and in national level.

    However India electorate are well matured and they will keep their cards close to chest. Our guessing and exit polls may be proved wrong and there can be some surprises too.

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    What I envisage that in case BJP gets short of majority and JDS has to support, the CM will be Yedyurappa for two and half years and Dy CM would be Kumara Swamy for two and half years and later vice versa.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    @Mohan sir #636110. In the past, such arrangements were made between JD(S) and BJP in 2006 but not put in practice. A similar repeat can happen.
    What is interesting in that news that Congress had already sent in it's big guns and senior leaders to Bangalore ahead of the results tomorrow. Congress wants to have a chance at an alliance if possible and does not want to lose out like it did in the northeast.

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