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    Seeking suggestions: How can I make my titles and narration more attractive?

    Genuinely I am seeking suggestions. Every writer wants that their creations are read by more and more people. For this purpose, they seek suggestions from senior writers and serious readers. My favourite Bengali writers of my generation, Shri Sirshendu Mukhopadhyay and Shri Buddhadev Guha always sought suggestions from the senior authors of the previous generation. They read and preserve the letters of their serious readers containing various suggestions.

    I try to write small passages, paragraphs and very short stories. Although I am an insignificant writer (am I a writer?), I also want that my creations, although very insignificant, be read by more readers. So, I want to know the ways how can I make my titles more catchy. I want to know how can I improve my narration. This is very important for me, because I have almost stopped writing in Bengali, my mother-language, and instead write in English, in which my capability of expression is very limited.

    So, Members! Kindly suggest the ways to make my titles and narration more attractive to the readers.
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    What I have seen that you are a good story writer of lengthy matter. Your posts has to be seen with great time in backing and cannot be read in huff and responded. Invariably your titles are varied and not crisp. You get fascinated to write about achievements of Military officers, great people and coin wonderful sentence in favor of them. But frankly speaking no one has the time to read big contents and paras. When you are the great writer, please give thought on giving good headings too , to bring more readers and respondents. For me too reading big paras is so boring.
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    I think that you are a fairly good writer and successful writer in ISC.
    If the suggestions you need is for the purpose of improving reader visits and thus more adsense , then there are many articles and discussions in the archives of ISC .
    To know where you stand now, you can have the traffic statistics programmes like Statcounter etc,if you have not enabled it.
    But then to get more visits and readerships , probably one may have adapt - change the subject we write upon now. Sometimes in that process we may lose our original creativity.
    So it is a matter of conscious choice and adaptation. However some refinement can be effected following the tips and guidelines given under SEO subject in ISC pages and from other sources.

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    Your writings are already quite impressive and full of content and many times the satires are entertaining also. You have more inclination to writings on military and patriotism though occasionally you are writing on myriad subjects.

    I do not know whether I am in a position to suggest and advise but once you have asked for it I take this opportunity to tell you that if you can increase the use of phrases and idioms in your language probably you can attract more traffic to your posts. These things are more of ornamental in nature but the reader sticks to such writings.

    Your coverage of financial areas is quite good. Now as there is a lot of interest for the articles of general scientific nature you can try your hand at that also.

    I am also trying to develop my writings in various areas but do not find it happen feasible every time. Still I will like to advise you the same which I think you can manage with your calibre and capabilities.

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    I like, and love to read Partha's thread posts. But I have no patience to read your extraordinary lengthy summary paragraphs. At times, why? many times I get bored to go through your threads where there is nothing to discuss but to read only. So, your thread posts title should draw the attention of the readers to have a discussion over the subject, which is seriously missing. Your summary should also follow the same pattern.
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    Mr.Partha, your command and flow is good for stories. Your thread are good, engrossing especially the military and warfare related. I love reading about it because, I used to read Commando picture war story books from UK during my early days. But, war may not be everyone's cup of tea.

    If you are asking for suggestions for ISC. In the forum, you can try to reduce the length of the content. Keep changing the subject, apart from military issues, keep it simple with the last two lines asking or inviting the readers views.

    As far as title are concerned, title with common catchy phrases, motivational words or even timeless proverbs are good.

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