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    What If The Demography Scenario Of Our Country Changes?

    In context with the word "Secularism", a lot has been discussed since long. This still remains the hot topic for any religious & political discussions too so for different beliefs & school of thoughts the diversion would be different. We have witnessed these diversions during any of the discourses or the public meetings or the political conferences.

    But for sure & to its very fact that this got limited to the one religion which is the belief of the Islam or the Muslim community. Many would be of the opinion that the demography doesn't facilitate such occurrences but while believing this then we don't find the law of democracy being followed in the land wherein they are in majority. For sure they are in majority, no others beliefs are followed.

    The incidences are raised & the news are made in order to keep up with showing the sympathy towards them. Few political parties including the Congress Party has been of the opinion that there is no color of terrorism but at the same time Hinduism & its believers becomes the center of terrorism. Few of the news channels raised the concern that due to increasing Hindutva belief the Muslims are no more safe here that even the last vice-president of India himself come up to admit that the Muslims are in danger as they are no more free to practice there beliefs. Although, this vice-president was a Muslim for quite a long time & was awarded all the facilities irrespective of his belief during his tenure.

    But on the other way round we don't show sincerity towards the migrated population from J&K which is Hindu. There would more innumerable instances that our policies & the decision making as well as the news covering are based on bias that in the first place religions are found out & then the fiction stories are created in order to make the headlines. And during all these Hindutva are covered in the central while showing the Muslim as a victim. In more than 50% of the news watch this remains the story.

    Although this remains the political stunt as this very community remains the most backward as well as the most suspicious religion as has been the case throughout world & on the basis of the information availability against every terrorist attack which is again irrespective of the boundary. We got divided during 1947 partition not on the basis of good or bad but purely on the basis of religion & still many more in lines to do more breakups.

    Do we really in need of such democracy or such a freedom that might us lead to another partition? If not then what should be the conditions if you have to suggest.
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    A very relevant topic raised by the author. I have just now seen the thread. I can write pages after pages on these issues. But as I am very much afraid of suspension, I am only mentioning some of the points as responses to this thread.

    (a) The Members are requested to do some research on the former Vice-President. He was India's Ambassador to Iran. How did he treat an operative of R&AW during his tenure may be searched. Some materials are available on the internet. It is heart-breaking. This former Vice-President's current activities are also very objectionable. What the PM said in his farewell speech to this former Vice-President is prophetic.

    (b) To prove the saffron terror theory, the terrible torture on Lt. Col. Purohit, Sadhvi Pragya and Swami Aseemanand for 8-10 years, is in short hear-rendering and condemnable. This inhuman activity was conducted for securing the vote-bank of a party is more condemnable.

    (c) Since January, 2018, there has been a spate of brutal rape and murder of young Assamese girls all over Brahmaputra valley. The perpetrators of the crimes (in all cases) are from a particular community who are illegal migrants from a neighbouring country. Nobody bothers about these cases- they are too busy to discuss Kathua.

    (d) The Assamese are going to become minority in the state in another twenty years. In West Bengal, Bengali Hindus are now following their Assamese brethren and are being encouraged by the present Chief Minister. Members may study this dangerous aspect. The consciousness is required for the sake of the integrity of the country.

    [In the next part, I would discuss what are the steps being taken by the religious leaders of two communitties to create a demographic imbalance in the country.]

    (I am saving this response so that I can re-use it in case of some accidental deletion.)

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    I start this response by praying to God that please forbid at least any further change in demography in this country.

    I think there is only one country in this world as secular-that is our India.

    This is a term artificially imposed on us and now very well exploited and interpreted by various sides according to their own bias and interest.
    No other country in this world is secular as it is meant in India. Unfortunately in India the word secular is practically used just to be 'Anti-Hindu'and 'Anti-Hinduism'. This not by the general public, but by the leaders of some political parties and vested interests. The general public are really broadminded and truly secular in letter and spirit.

    Now, coming to the changing demography, not just India, but many other countries also are now concerned about this. All these countries who were turning a blind eye to the troubles created in India by certain insiders and many outsiders, now feel the heat when they also started getting some taste of things.

    From our country's experience it is very clearly experienced that there is or was disturbances at places(states) where Hindus are in minority. Ironically Hindus do not get the minority protection even in these states.

    For reasons known only to them , the previous governments were not releasing the census figures and people were not aware of the demographic changes happening in this country. Fortunately people are now aware of this issue and there is some awakening about this. No just in India but there is awareness and a sort of urgency in this regard in many countries.

    If the demographic changes go on and Hindus become minority in India, then,I am afraid, the country will change from its secularist ideology and may become a theocratic state by the then majority religion,whichever it may be.

    God forbid that.

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    What I feel that every religion is very good at its own place and when some one interferes or snatch the rights of other religion , the tension mounts. We know the Muslim leaders often brand some out spoken persons belonging to Hindu cult are the Hindu terrorists. But at the same time the a prominent Muslim leader changes his stance and pose with Hindu God image and head gear as if he is not against the Hinduvta cult. This type of double tone leaders are the most poisonous to the society and for that reason demographic need not be changed. We want a change in appeasing one religion at the cost degrading other religion.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The current demographic structure should remain intact in India forever, otherwise Hinduism will only exist in the History textbooks like Ajivika and Charvaka religions. There is no problem when there is peaceful coexistence of different religions. But through out the world, a particular religion preaches secularism when it is in minority and preaches barbarism when it is in majority. Generally in any country, percentage of majority religion will increase over a period of time but in India, it is decreasing along with other religions except one religion.

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    Religion is a prime factor in dividing tbe world in different groups. There are many boundaries between countries based on this demographic perspective.

    Now, the politicians are the people who take mileage out of all such possible factors and this one, in fact, is very lucrative.

    One group of these politicians will tell that religious group A is doing atrocities on group B while other group of politicians will cry that it is the other way round. It is unfortunate that these politicians instead of contributing their knowhow in country's progress, engage in such cheap and selfish activities.

    So demography plays a role but the way politicians manipulate it and take advantage for making their career is an alarming matter.

    Knowledge is power.

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    The problem is that we are always having a moderate discussion in terms of whenever we even criticizes the Hinduism or the Hindu Culture & its tradition but for any other belief of the society we think more than hundred times & even after that we having hesitation within ourselves. I am confused about who is afraid of whom. There has to be clarity in thought here.

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    Sirs, I do believe that the whole issue is taking a very dangerous turn. Demographics has nothing to do with communal harmony.

    Religious tolerance does exist to a superb level in some pockets of India. They have been nurtured for generations and one has to see to believe it. Muslims and Hindus -- more so, brahmins-- live next door, in a place called Palakarai. This is a specific locality in Tiruchirapalli town, in Tamil Nadu. The people have been living a hugely peaceful life, with members of all communities taking part in festivals, visiting all places of worship, sharing the cost of some good festivals, and so on.

    Even when some politicians tried to divide them, they stood united. They were never divided. Ditto for several other towns of Tamil Nadu, in other places of South India, as well.

    In huge cities like Bangalore or Chennai, religion is nothing at all. People are so friendly, and do not have time for petty politics or identifying too much with the religious practices, at the cost of communal harmony.

    Then why should all these problems occur? They have been discussed so much in the public domain, and they have been repeatedly blown out of proportion. Or so one should think.

    But the question is: how?

    Even the most illiterate person in India would agree that the political climate has becoming dangerously vitiated, only in the past four years, with hardliners trying to create trouble by talking all sorts of nonsense in the name of religion. We need to reach out to our minorities in most reasonable ways,

    Even when some communally dangerous trends are seen in other communities, such trends should be tackled through very strict action, but that is no excuse to take the law into one's hands and do all that is dangerous to disturb communal peace. India can ill afford this sort of communal divide.

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    "Demographics has nothing to do with communal harmony."-A totally factually incorrect statement. Communal harmony and minority rights exist in India only because Hindus are in majority. We can notice what is happening in Bangladesh, Pakistan and even in Myanmar or Srilanka.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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