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    Here comes the "Software Professional"

    People working in the Software Industry popularly called "IT professionals" have their own unique behavior and style. On a very light note, I would like to highlight them just for fun.

    When a Software professional gets any unwanted call on his mobile his reply will always be "Can you please call after some time? I am in a meeting", irrespective of whether he is in a meeting or not.

    An IT professional will most of the times found wearing his company ID card even outside of their office in public places.

    If there is some problem in their project and they want to inquire if the problem is solved or not the most common words you will expect to hear are "Has the issue been resolved?".

    IT professionals are considered a rich lot. You will never see them bargain anywhere. For them getting the things easily is of utmost importance rather than their price.

    For them, their office laptop is their door to the office. They can open their laptop from anywhere and start working.

    When an IT professional says he is working but you see him checking their office emails and preparing excel sheets, don't get surprised. For many of them, this is what they call work.
    It is common to find IT professionals with a cup of tea in one hand and a cigarette in another hand during lunch and evening hours.

    If you see a bus with people dozing inside there are high chances that it is a company bus carrying IT employees. After all, they are a stressed lot.

    An IT employee does not like pen and paper. He wants everything to be emailed or messaged to him.
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    So correctly written about the IT professionals. Being into the same field, I have also experienced and observed the same kind of things. But, not necessarily that they will be working on excel sheets during their coffee or tea, it could be a set of source code that needs to be fixed or an in-house application.
    This is the way how IT works. I think we cannot comment on the work part.

    But I fully agree with most of the facts mentioned in this thread.

    Do what inspires you !!

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    Very nicely written about the life and on going tussle within the life of IT professionals. Yes most of the points mentioned are real and happening. What I have watched ego sets in most of the employees as they wont talk to normal people in joking way as if we are taking away their precious time. And one more thing what I noticed that most of the IT professionals wants to ride the bullet vehicle which has become the status symbol irrespective of the need of it and its costly maintenance Just because one starts the trend and other professionals just follow the foot print.
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    The author has bring us some light moment & while thanking the same I would like to appreciate for this submission. But in few of the points are applicable to anyone who is a working professional irrespective of his profession. For example, "dozing" is one of the scenes that found to be quite in routine for BOP employees as well during the time they are in cab.

    I have experienced so & that's why I made a point here. Take it easy.

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    I cannot dispute any of the above points. They all go with my on observations also.

    Some seven or eight years back, I was working in an office at an important locality in Mumbai. There were many offices mostly of IT sector. During lunch time, I used to go to the nearest restaurant for food. There I could see so many young, well dressed people from IT sector mostly as described in this thread. I used to wonder and think,why most of them satisfy taking food from te footpath eateries. Many of them did with just Vada pav, Samosa tea etc.

    All that I observed on those days are exactly narrated in this thread. I used to overhear their conversations also, which gave some more insight into their lifestyle and actual life situations.. While I admire them,sometimes I pity them also.

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    When I did not know much about BPO, MNC, call centres, I would wonder who these people afford and stand out in the crowd. Then I realised it was work in India with a pay scale higher than most of their counterparts. Some of which that's said in the thread is true but there would be similar points to be noted about doctors, lawyers, businessmen etc. In Bangalore, most of the rapid development in the outskirts are mostly related to IT, it's employees and the sectors that cater to them.

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    the majority of IT professionals will be as mentioned in the post by the author. I have seen many IT professionals who spend the majority of their time on their laptop and smartphone only. They even forget to write also. If you ask them to write a small note also they couldn't write correctly and fast. Many of them spend money very easily. They are responsible for the price increases in many areas. They don't bother about money. They always go for branded items only even though they are very costly. But these days there is a change in these professionals also. This change may be due to the decrease in the jobs and pay scales are also stagnated and in other fields also pay scales are revised t higher levels. These people have to work almost 10 to 12 hours daily and the meetings are also in very odd times due to their client or counterpart is in some other country. These days manufacturing sector professionals are getting on par with IT professionals.
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