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    NOTA a toothless tiger , do we need it?

    During the Karnataka elections, people have had so many messages and jokes about NOTA option on the ballot box.

    As far as I understand NOTA means None of the above and the voters can choose this option in any ward or locality if they do not find any suitable candidate from the parties or independents.

    While this sounds exciting, is it really useful. Whatever is the votes 'won' by NOTA, the party/human with the highest votes wins the election.

    NOTA is just a group of invalid votes, this keeps the disgruntled people happy because they can ensure that their votes do not go to an undeserving candidate. With the paper ballot, we would have some people stamping many boxes to vent their anger or displeasure against the list of candidates.

    To me, NOTA sounds like a toothless tiger with just a number next to it after the elections. either we scrap it or give it more weight.
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    Who said that NOTA is the toothless tiger in the present day election mode. In fact for every constituency when the vote is counted, the NOTA button votes are also taken into account and analysed. It is the fact , the great tool for all the parties to analyse the minds of the voters of that area. If the NOTA votes are more, then it is the slap on the face of the all the parties that the candidates chosen were not up to their expectations and thus their frustration and anger has been registered in type of NOTA vote. In fact even EC must analyse the frustrations thus registered and call for debate for more NOTA votes.
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    Well..the matter is straight. I'm not standing in line for hours and then put "none of the above" into the ballot box. Most of us don't even want to vote. It's an obligation. And to vote for the standing candidates is an obligation too. NOTA can be seen as an act of revolution. An act of discontent. I don't see its purpose otherwise.
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    The purpose of NOTA is two-fold. First is for analysis purpose while other is to somehow pull people to the polling booth giving a new choice - there is no good candidate in the fray.

    In fact, NOTA may be more useful where the voter turnaround is more. When voter turnaround is small NOTA may not give any fruitful result.

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    NOTA should not be a toothless tool in the hands of the voters. I personally feel that if the percentage of NOTA exceeds, for example, say 5%, the election to that constituency or ward may be declared null and void and fresh elections may be conducted. The political parties may be forced to select worthy candidates.
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    Glad to see the replies. I feel it is a toothless tiger because
    we vent our true feelings and select NOTA
    we indicate that the candidates are not worthy enough in that particular area
    we feel happy that we have given a philosophical slap on the face

    But does anything change? No!

    Still, the candidate with the highest vote (who we felt is unworthy) gets elected.
    Life is as usual for the political candidates even if NOTA is the highest vote getter.
    So, at best it is like an option to vent our feelings of disgruntlement. So, do we need it?

    I think, there should a meaningful debate by the EC, public opinion gathered and NOTA be strengthened to be a force to be reckoned. NOTA should be a powerful deterrent to troublemakers, people who are on the other side of the law and still stand for the elections and not just a toothless tiger.

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    Not every one has the same feeling on a particular candidate. You may hate a candidate for me he has the potential to do good things if given a chance one more. That way the election process takes place.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    In fact, there was an interesting GD some time back on NOTA. I feel that we must make NOTA stronger to to make this provision effective. For example, there must be a provision to the effect that if NOTA polls 30% of the total votes in a constituency, the candidature of all candidates will be barred for five years, or so.
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    True. NOTA is a toothless tiger. How to make this NOTA very effective. If the NOTA is more than the votes received by the candidates, the contesting members should be considered as disqualified. A fresh election should be sought with new candidates. I support the response at # 636095. Such provisions will make sure the biting tooth of the tiger.
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