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    Proverbs which contradict each other

    In the English language, there are two contradicting proverbs. "Too many cooks spoil the broth" and "Many hands make the work lighter". In life, both may be true depending on the situation.

    Another example is "Out of sight out of mind" and other "Distance makes the heart grow fonder. Again both can be true in real life.

    Let us try to think and discuss some real-life examples where above proverbs hold true in terms of both their contradicting meanings.

    Also, let us try to think of more such proverbs and idioms.
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    What I opine that proverbs are made and created out of personal experience by many and the words may be placed just based on their experience. We cannot generalize the proverbs just because it applies to one. Normally we connect with the proverbs when we gone through the ordeal. For example " Stitch in time saves nine" that means we have attend to the works immediately on sighting slightest mistake , otherwise it aggravates. Say when a vehicle tyre has small puncture, it must be attended to immediately otherwise the tyre may bust too. And not all the proverbs has contradictory other ones. Nevertheless it all depends on the persons as to how the take the proverbs to their stride and connect to their life.
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    "No one is perfect"
    "practice makes a man perfect"
    How can practice makes a man perfect when in fact perfect men can't exist.

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    Yes, it's true.
    "Slow and study wins the race" - a proverb which was mentioned in the context of the tortoise winning the race over the hare which lost because of its overconfidence.

    "Make hey while the Sun shines" - Which denotes to complete the tasks as early as possible before any hurdle comes in our way.

    Thus, every proverb has its relevance and to be applied within the frame of its reference to context.


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    We have to look at the times when these proverbs came into use. They were good and good for those days. The times are changing and with this many changes are taking place to make those proverbs irrelevant. Whatever that was said in Bhagavad Gita may not be relevant today. We have to adapt as per the changes.
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    In Tamil, there is a proverb " Pitchai Edukkathe" means - Don't beg(alms). There is also another proverb "Annamittu Unn" means - Give alms and then eat. Are these two proverbs not contradictory to each other? One proverb says 'Dont beg, and the other says 'Give Alms'. If there is no begger, whom should we give alms? If there is some one to give alms, why not beg?
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    This thread slipped past me. A lovely thought, we have proverbs for almost everything in life. The best I can think of is 'Don't burn your bridges' vs 'Burn every bridge so that there is no turning back'.

    The first one is often used in offices, relationships between friends, higher officers and previous firms. Often we may need the help of the same people who would have let us down. So, instead of being frank, abrasive or having a stand off with such people, experts advise to have a neutral stance.

    The opposite of this is 'Burn every bridge from the past so that there is no turning back (you have no way to go but forward). This is mentioned in motivations books to situations wherein people tend to hold on to what they have in hand, worried about a change, and yearn to continue a dissatisfied relationship or work life.

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    There are many proverbs in all languages. These proverbs are coined by the people these days with their own experiences and knowledge. So we should not take these proverbs as true at all times. The situation varies and the conditions vary. In olden days they used to say it is always better to wait and drink water rather than running for milk. But the days are changes. In the present state, this proverb will not hold good. If you are not running there is no chance for you to even get water also. So the proverbs will not be for a general application but only for a particular situation.
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