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    Will ISC consider allowing usage of hash tags in our contents as there can be wide reach ?

    We have very good content writers on any topic and the views expressed there in are mind blowing. But our contents must be read and commented by crores of people across the world and for that ISC must allow the authors to use appropriate hash tags in the content so that our write ups gets highlighted in the twitter social media and we would get good response. Even the earnings of the members would be increasing. ISC should not have objectio to it because we are promoting our own contents and through that good earnings !
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    The Webmasters would prefer natural, organic traffic to come to our pages at ISC. Constantly promoting via social media platforms is not advisable as it could lead to excessive spamming. Besides, members will be promoting anything and everything via Twitter, FB, etc rather than genuinely good content. That is, even inane forum threads with pointless discussions will also likely get shared. Hence the suggestion for hashtags for sharing is not advisable in my personal opinion.
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    If I am not mistaken, the point was discussed at some point earlier too and the Webmaster had given a response similar to the one by Vandana ma'am in the response above.
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    Our ultimate aim was to reach maximum net users and my suggestion goes with it. If ISC refuses, then this thread may be closed.
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