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    Why can't we be impartial and unbiased?

    My favourite cricket shot is 'playing straight towards/over the wickets'. Let me speak straight here too. Again my views here are nothing to do with the role of Editor; my Forum contribution is totally in my personal capacity as a member except responding to some queries.

    Coming to the point. There is nothing wrong to have some personal affiliations to any party or its leader but the way in which we express our views here clearly expose where we are standing or whom we are supporting. Sometimes it appears that our Forum discussions are similar to some National channels which always try to support someone and targeting his political rival. Is it required for us here? Why can't we discuss issues in an unbiased manner even it goes against a leader or a party whom we generally like.

    For example, the Social media and News channels try to highlight 'some words' of a young leader (who aspires to lead the country) spelled by him in different contexts. Whereas on the other side, we have a young Chief Minister making controversial statements and passing casual suggestions like 'Don't go for Govt. jobs, just own a cow and opt for selling milk' etc; such comments are conveniently ignored by some media and in our ISC too. I am not supporting anyone here but trying to suggest all of us to be balanced in our discussions as far as politics are concerned. Otherwise, I personally feel that such discussions in this Forum should be dispensed with.
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    It is a fact that as a human being we are biased and also affiliated to some group or community or political outfit. In such a scenario it is natural to have outbursts of prejudiced and selfish nature. Everyone is looking to the people in power with a hope of favour in one way or other.

    During political turmoil we indulge in all sort of expressions and forget our limits and peripheries in a particular matter and go to irreversible stages.

    The contention of author to contain our anger and excitement in black and white is well understood and as a prudent contributor we must refrain from unnecessary indulgences in the forums or anywhere else where such discussions take place. I fully endorse the view of the author as well humbly advise all the fellow members to control ourselves in our expressions of anguish and despair.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Straight Drives are one of the most beautiful shots in the game of cricket so as the square and cover drives. Sometimes there will be short-pitched balls which need to be pulled and punished. Jagdish, your observation that we have to control our expressions in the discussions is well meant. In political discussions, unbiased and impartial discussions are difficult. The right thing is to control our expressions. I hope everyone follows the well-meant advice of Jagdish.
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    Nobody can become impartial or unbiased. Even Yudhisthir was not unbiased. Even Lord Krishna was not unbiased. He favoured the Pandavas in various ways.
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    In a forum, discussion happens only because people have different viewpoints on the same matter. One will be naturally biased as per his views and knowledge and experience. For political parties our bias can also may be because of the personal or common favour received or expected from them.

    I do not see anything wrong in being biased to one viewpoint, but discussion should be kept to a decent and civil level without using offensive terms and not using words and terms intended to hurt and offend the other side.

    Selection process happens because we feel a particular one is good or right. It may be later proved wrong and our bias also may change.

    So I would insist that let there be discussion, by participants even with bias. But let the discussion do not become dirty mudslinging and personal offending tirades. Let ISC forumites be different in that from some political people doing so.

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    What I feel that we must have grown up so matured that we must be able to discuss all. When a thing or issue comes into focus, that must be discussed threadbare. There should not restriction on expressing views. In social media so many good snippets are coming on which we too can channelize the discussions. And on current political scenario ISC should also jump into discussion mode and as a matter of fact even in this site there are people hailing from different places and thus the views and comments would be different to confront and agree too in some cases. ISC should not shy away citing posting guidelines.
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    Well Mr. Patro, I too like straight shot in cricket as well as in my real life too, however, instead of straight I go for straight six whenever the situation demanded. When we are talking straight I hope everyone should take my straight words positively and I expect the same from admin too. Normally, it is seen that the response which matter for admin are kept and which does not go well with them is deleted. So, I my straight forward words should be taken as my opinion as per this "straight thread" by the author.

    Let me come to straight to the topic. I seriously don't find anything wrong to discuss or support any political party in ISC forum. People here are having different thinking and opinion so it will always be different people to people. I don't think one should expect the same from everyone.

    We have seen and experienced in ISC forum that if you keep quiet and don't counter response to an aggressive opinion, you are good person, you are discipline, you are a gentlemen. But, once you counter the response the same aggressive way, the question comes out as "unbiased", "illiterate" or "dirty mudslinging".

    Why this is so?

    How can one abuse a particular religion just because he/she does not like BJP? Why someone be tag as "Minorities enemy" if he/she has his own opinion for our neighbouring country? Why some one will tag "ashamed" word to a member just because his opinion did not match to him/her?

    If you keep silent and accept the opinion, you are good if not you are not patriot.

    The ugly incident comes when someone try to throw his own opinion and bring religion in to discussion. It is a world known fact that no political party is innocent or honest but why some opinion are getting posted as if the "young leader who aspire to be a PM, he and his party is always correct"? What he say or do is only good?
    But seldom these people forget to notice the IQ level of such young leader (he is no more young but 45+ of age)

    The problem in ISC can be only solved when the "senior" and the "mentor" start behaving "unbiased".

    I have only to see how many of us behave "unbiased" after this thread. From me, I would not start first obviously. But if I get some aggressive post taunting, I will reply the same way.

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