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    Why some people try to play "victim card"?

    We come across many situations where some people try to claim that they are being victimized for no wrongdoing on their part. They play this victim card too often. Is it a mere ploy to avoid the responsibility? Is it to influence the others thought process? Is it done to justify their abuse of others? Is it to seek attention and pity for themselves? The psychologists say that all the above are the reasons for a person to play the victim card.
    The real victims do not generally try to make it known. They try to solve their problem in their own way. In politics, victim playing has become common as they say that they are victims of the other parties propaganda or the other parties agenda to finish them off politically. This habit of playing the victim is not good and to be curtailed in any field.
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    Playing a 'victim card' is basically to gain sympathy of others to get mileage in adverse situations. Many people do it and it is more common with escapists and lazy persons.

    I have heard people saying - 'I do not have a relative in high offices otherwise I would have got a job.' or 'I did perform nicely but destiny had something else for me.' or 'If you had told me beforehand this pitiable situation would not arise.' etc etc.

    These are all excuses and playing the victim.

    Those who are competent, hard working and laborious never go for these cheap tactics. Even on failures they will keep quite and silently pursue their efforts.

    Knowledge is power.

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    If a person has lost the hope or failed to brace up the competition tries to play victim card. In Tamil there is a saying 'Aada theriyadhavalukku medai onnu thaan kedam " that if a performer does not know how to dance, she blame it on stage. Like wise in daily life too when are about to face the worst situation of defeat , we blame it on the system and others too. When one of my daughter friend has missed to score 10/10 in SSC, her parents blamed it on strict corrections of the papers and even blamed some questions came out of portion. So victim card is always played when they are vulnerable to loose the competition.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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