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    Yes Tortoise has really won the race to over take rabbits to score number one super star performer

    When I opened the forum this afternoon, pleased to find my name standing at the first position of forum super stars over taking Dr Srinivasa Rao and Natarajan. Both have been performing very well and their contributions in other sections and awards brought them huge points and by virtue of it they performed like rabbit and over took me. But I was pleased to see my name again appearing in the first slot. So the old proverb of tortoise over taking the rabbit when it was sleeping was again proved right. No doubt both can over take me right now right today, but a moment of cherish for a while and hence shared.
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    Congratulations Mohan sir, More than the order, it is what we regular forum members contribute to keep it going everyday. Dr.Rao, is away for a few days and I was busy expect the last few days.

    Goodluck to all, I think we need people like you and new talent withideas out of the box to make the forum more lively

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    Congratulations Mr. Mohan! You have proved that ultimately consistency wins. You have been consistent for more than 9 years on this platform. It is one small recognition of your consistency.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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