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    What is fastival and what is the important in life

    Every country or nation has its own culture. By raising national life through this culture, every country and nation will present their own identity and personal characteristics in the world. And through the full development and debate of cultural life, the glorious form of every nation emerges. Basically the history of a nation, the way of life, language, independence, sovereignty, thinking, art, literature, all belong to its national culture.

    Culture: The pure Bengali of culture is Kirti. Which means rubbing or cultivating. The English version of culture used the first word of culture in English literature by Francis Bacon in the late 16th century. There is no specific standards, characteristics, and characteristics of culture identification. Sociologist Jones said, "The whole form of what humans creates is culture." Anthropologist E.B.Tylor said, "Culture is a complex assembly of behaviors, uses, knowledge, faith, art, ethics, laws, etc., as a member of society."
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    Festivals show case our way of life and understanding of our culture and tradition in full. If you are in joint family, no festival would be missed as all the members of the family would be having tow and knowledge of each festival to be celebrated and thus for each such occasion good planning goes in. And by celebrating festival we are passing on the legacy to our children who also follows the elders what every they does. So if we do not perform festivals , our customs and traditions would be totally forgotten by the younger generation. Mind it festivals are the features of any country to be recognized by the visitors or tourists.
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    Festivals are embedded in our culture and have a very great value and significance. They give us a fresh lease of life from our routine and bring a new zeal and vigour in us.

    They also connect us to our culture, heritage and mythology. Whether you believe in religion or not you can very well enjoy these festivals. I have seen people who are not religious but organise religious things in their life and invite their relatives and friends for prasadam and food. So for observing festivals it is not necessary to be religious.

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    Festivals bring out the human being in all of us. It curbs our animal instincts and helps a huge amount of team work, facilitates a huge amount of communication between people who belong to various communities and also makes us forget all our beastly instincts.

    For example, come May, every year, virtually every temple in Tamil Nadu, has a festival or other. Forget the heat. Forget the fact that it is difficult to move around. Forget that water is not available aplenty. Yet, there is so much of community participation and voluntary donations from all people, rich and poor. Thousands are fed, there are hundreds of fruit shops, sweet shops, bangle shops and so on, making huge money.

    Such festivals even go beyond specific religions as the people are so keen that Muslims participate and the Christians also participate. This is exactly the secret of any festival. Festivals are the lifeline of durable peace in India.

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    Like the word "Personality", which is the overall image of an individual which within itself consisting of different traits, the word "Culture" relates to the overall aspects or generalized form of any region or a country. This culture in itself is a combination of different regional aspects. With this the festival remains an integral part of our culture.

    Adding that, the culture is a manifestation of different traits being based on various facts & fictions. Religion is a biggest symbol of any culture & within this, it is cultivated with festivals too. For example, the Deepawali & the Holi festivals are celebrated in due respect & the memories for their respective Gods which in often based on the occasions giving us an opportunity to live the life happily & this also inspires us to make every moment of our life enjoyable. These are hidden with the messages of being with the time & bring positive aspects within our life & that any life shouldn't get stuck between life & death. These are manifested with the inspiration of doing the good karma as our current actions would decide the future outcome because in either we are responsible for what we are.

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