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    Character and humaniy need to be proper citizen

    Introduction: At the time of creation, people did not live a civilized life. They had to survive by fighting wild animals and wild animals. Besides, there was a conflict between the people and the people in the family. So violence, animosity, violence were one of their characteristics. At that time there was no difference between humans and animals. But in time the animal was wandered from human behavior. Human beings acquire many human qualities due to continuous practice. The sum of these human qualities is the character.

    Characteristics of Character: Characterized by various inner qualities of man, such as truthfulness, disciplinedness, perseverance, empathy, civilization, discipline, humanism, patriotism, courage, Character has a supernatural power that liberates man's mind from the shamelessness of the narrowness, the fullness of being liberal, by placing hundreds of cravings lustrous and manipulating humanity. The human life makes the mortal life glorious. Character is formed by the general conduct of human life, and its outward manifestation results in the accumulation of all human qualities.

    The time of formation of character: The character is the scale of determining the standard of humanity. Suddenly, a man can not be of good character. For this, it is necessary for the effort The process of formation of human character basically starts from childhood. The impression that the children fall in love for their whole life. The children learn the behavior of the people around them and they appear in their character. Therefore, the elderly should be given proper education for the children's development. If there is no development in childhood, then there is less chance of developing it in the next phase. But if a person tries hard to correct his errors in any stage of life, he may be rightfully good.
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    The character of the person defines his total behavior and from where he hails and how he was imparted the training of being human. For this one has to credit the mother, who is solely responsible to bring drastic change in the behavior of a child no matter the kid may be rude and ruthless and even naughty. Over the period of time, the mother would be the mentor and teacher for the child to impart and impose good character, and that would force the child to follow and behave. Moreover in the society people closely follow each other and the child also imitates to follow the other child character wise. Thus a good character with great humanity is the asset to the family, society and the nation.
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