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    A village for non- believers coming up.

    'Vailassery', a village near Nilambur in Malappuram district of Kerala is in the news for its uniqueness.The residents of this village will be 'non-believers' only. A group of people who do not want to be identified as belonging to any religion or caste have decided to settle in a place on the shores of Chaliar river. They are originally from different parts of the State. Only because of this identical thinking these 27 people, both men and women, have decided to settle in the same place. Others can join them provided they agree to lead a life without following any religion or caste.
    These people have purchased about seven acres of land to develop it as a model village where no religious believers are living.
    They have started planting trees and vegetable cultivation. Some of them have initiated the construction of houses. Most of these people are working or retired. School and college teachers are there.Business people also are there. They are to devlop the village with constructing common facilities and common places. Anybody can join them provided they are non- believers.
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    This sounds amazing to me. Although its weird. Because people relish their uniqueness. If these people just lived among religious films they too would have relished the taste of uniqueness. But now all the villagers are atheists.
    Either way.. I only hope that this village should forever remain peaceful and stand as an example to man and say proudly that "we don't need a God to make us humans".

    Because religious skirmishes are plaguing India. Only these villagers have the power now to stop this dogma and serve as a model example.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    When at present every thing is decided on caste and religion, here comes a welcome news where in non believers join together and want to create a model village. Though the concept is very good and even acceptable, what I believe that only strong willing people has to stay there. Those are with wavering mind and having liking for some religion or the other in the inner hearing cannot stay there and one person is enough to spoil the broth. Anyway my appreciation and congrats to all those 27 persons who have initiated this movement and see that no politicians or religion head visits them.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    A new information for me. But the place where this settlement is located sounds more interesting. Nilambur taluka in present Mallapuram district was the worst sufferer during Mapilah riot. The letter of the Queen of Nilambur vividly describing the plight of poor Hindus is an important document of Mapilah riot.

    I am very doubtful whether the settlement can continue in this district.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    This experiment is unique, as it cuts across all barriers of caste and community. So, there will be a huge amount of human compassion and kindness and all that is good about human nature.

    There are thousands of people who are too good here. They are also non-believers, and only believe in the ultimate goodness associated with human beings, without bothering too much about their negative points. They are highly ethical and go all out of the way to do something for the poor.

    Kamal Hassan , the highly acclaimed film actor from Tamil Nadu, is one such example. People do call him an atheist, but he has already been doing so many good things, by reaching out to people. He never identifies anyone based on caste or community.

    If this community is able to bring together such people, why not? In fact, the whole world will sit up and take notice. There will a huge amount of following of such experiments in other places, and some good things will also begin to happen. Such communities should be encouraged at all levels, and in every single place. The people who live together will do well to make a bigger impact in terms of communal peace, by systematically doing some meaningful social work.

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    Is there any kind of thing as non-believers then how this could be possible?

    No one can be detached completely from the rest of the world so far as these are facilitated by the modern facilities to their access. Our culture is so mixed up within itself that it is not possible to remain of one thought only. Looking into other aspects that what if few among the settled group began to believe onto something then what? Should they be banned or should they be left put from their locality.

    Even among a family member, we got various thoughts & likings & few have planned for living separately. This doesn't seems to be ok so far as this is not flexible enough to bear or justify the existence of other beliefs as well. The extreme stand or the position is not suited for the country like ours. They want other's land but they wouldn't allow others to be on their land doesn't fit in whatever way.

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    What an excellent Idea. I want entire India like this. If I was given a chance I will go and settle there. We will not think of our caste or religion when we live together. Paying tributes and praying God is different. But basically we are all Indians and we are all human beings. If this concept comes into the minds of the people our country will develop fast. The political leaders can't play games with the public. It is a dream and It is excellent to note that there is a beginning. Let us hope this concept will get into the minds of others also, many such villages will come into existence.
    These days people are thinking very selfish and they don't even think about the neighbour. This is true mainly in cities. In villages, people will get divided by their caste and religion because the population is less there. In such a situation if we think of this village concept really we will feel delighted.

    always confident

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    A great step forward in the direction of reducing communal disharmony. When there is no religion or caste practiced, then no chances of fights based on these issues.

    They may be ridiculed or disowned by some sections of society for such radical thinking. For me, have a such a principle is fine but in the real world, we need to interact, move socially, find jobs and alliances. How will this all happen with ease? What will the politicians who did us on caste do? many would be jobless.

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    Yes Sirs. More such communities need to come up. Non-believers are not bad people at all.

    Take the communists for example. Members may not know that the CPI has got one tall leader in one Mr Nallakannu, in Tamil Nadu, who stands tall, through his emphasis on honesty in public life. He is fearless in his words and deeds and stands on principles. He does not believe in utilizing all the material comforts made available to him.

    There are so many of such people. If an entire community is made up so much people, as rightly pointed out by Natarajan Sir, there will be a huge amount of radical thinking. Let us not forget that the late Periyar was in the forefront of a huge revolution that broke down so many caste barriers in Tamil Nadu, and even elsewhere in India.

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    It is a good decision to have a village not pertaining to any religion or caste. But there will be problem if the villagers go for employment wherein they need to enter their caste and religion. The caste should be written as "Nocaste" and religion as 'Noreligion"
    No life without Sun

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    Those who are intending to live there were born with a religion and caste. They can use that information for the official purpose. Other than that, they can live in a society where caste and religion do not exist among themselves. A very great idea and all those who are going to live there are to be appreciated. This is the sort of society the world needs.
    " Be Good and Do Good "

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