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    Who opined fairy tales don’t inhere?

    Happily lived a little princess named Elisa in a far far away kingdom. She always innocently clad herself with a gracious smile that could dispose the most miserable man's misery and execute thrill in the breeze. Thus, even after the loss of life of Queen Victoria, her father King Edward did not acknowledge the breakdown. His little princess always kept him on his toes.

    Time showed its wrath on the high spirits. King lost his entire empire in a raging war. He was left alive on one condition that he would disguise himself, abandon the whole enchilada and shall not under any condition return. Little princess Elisa who dwelled in a well-heeled gigantic kingdom was now devoid of her lushness and was compelled to nest in a far far away countryside of Europe.

    The whole kit and caboodle had switched around, but still, it seemed not a thing was ever redone for her. She used to believe in fairyland and fairy tales then and so does she now. She would play just like before. Entire day she would occupy and entertain herself with the sheep's and chase little roosters hither and thither.

    Elisa's father nonetheless felt heartbroken for dispossessing the intact dynasty to his invaders. He would sigh day and night for failing to keep his triumph. He was imposed to live like a lay person in the countryside. When he would take a gander at his daughter, he would dig up three winks of liberation by gazing at the stillness and peace on her face. He had a hard-wearing belief that wrath of time will extinguish and entirety will get reconstructed as his daughter is not doomed to live in inadequacy.

    Once little Elisa traversed down the hill chasing her little sheep. She went a little further from her hut which she named as Jojo villa. She came across a serene lake and used its water to quench her thirst. She got worn down and slept under a tree beside the lake. When she woke up, she saw a fairy mother standing before her. She noticed that the lake transformed into a fairy's abode. Elisa felt so elated that she hugged her and offered a little piece of bread to her.

    The fairy was thrilled with the little girl's gesture and gifted her very own kingdom. On the top of the mountain where Jojo hut was, she interchanged it into a palace. The little sheep's which she would chase around the whole day turned into her army men. She even gifted her magic tiara that would always keep difficult time distant from her and urged her to return to her father which she did and narrated him everything.

    King Edward this time desired to set everything right. Instead of being a ruthless king who continually thinks of expanding his dynasty and shed blood in wars, he chose to live with his little princess along with the people of the countryside with love.

    It is an entry for the contest "place the words, write a story, win a prize!".
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    Nice story from the author connecting the place the words , write the story contest and hope the author would win the prize for sure because the thought process is different .
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    A pleasant fairy tale. When I read about the magical tiara, i was expecting that it will help the King to get back his Kingdom. But, the author has given a subtle twist about shunning violence and living with love and peace well highlighted.

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