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    Teacher in india and conditions

    The relationship between teacher was was such: the student teacher relationship on the previous day was genuine. Students respected their teacher like god. They considered a teacher's word-advice to be a vow. The teachers also loved the students like their child. The students observed the teacher's instruction as ornamental and used to keep them in character. Serving the teachers was also part of their education. The teachers also sacrificed a lot to give their student the right education. Examples of the strong bonding of teachers and students are available in Mahabharata. Panchapandab used to pay tribute to his guru, the teacher so much that he was respected by giving arms to the battlefield despite being hostile. The guru also blesses them as winners. We also know about Badsha Alamgir, who established the student teacher relationship. Philosopher Aristotle, a two-decade-long Alexander Alexander, was a teacher. Among them was a strong relationship. So Alexander gave his teacher the highest respect for his heart. Aristotle also loved him very much. And so he became distraught in the death of Alexander.
    The current context of the relationship: Student-teacher has now entered the artificial, personal interests and profits. There was a time when the students themselves washed the teacher's feet. Today they humiliate the teacher in that hand. In the hands of the teacher, the blessing of blessing, enthusiasm, and good wishes placed on the student's head, he was being beaten by the soft students. Students now want to use the teacher in the absence of good results. On the other hand, teachers use students as a tool to get money. Earlier, where teaching was a great profession, it has become a business. As a result, there is a relation between interest and interest in teachers and students. Both the student teachers are now involved in the politics of education. As a result, there is also a compromise relationship between them. But not every teacher-teacher relationship, there are still good teachers and good students. But their amount is decreasing day by day.
    The teacher hopes: The teacher hopes for a teacher that the teacher will give him a life-long, timely education. Let him guide the path of knowledge, pass on the road of light. The teacher will gain knowledge within his student, to know the unknown, to see the unseen, and to revitalize the known things, will guide the future. Encourage them, motivate them, and strengthen them. All the shadows will be on top of the head. Teachers will teach them good evil, wrong-oriented perspectives. Above all, the teacher hopes that he will make his student as good man, a good citizen.
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    The relation & the trend has been changed in context of both.

    The priorities are different & accordingly the target too are on the different path. Rather then being responsible, the either entities are placed on a different role. These doesn't gives us the perception of any positive outcome but adding classes are required to fill the gap. Although the scenario are vary but still more or less these remains the same.

    The earlier education were done to carry on the responsibilities so as to keep vigilance on different sections of the society & the jobs too. But now the motives have been shifted to money. Everything revolves around this thing & so may get diverted much in the coming times.

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    Student and teacher relations are one of the most cherished one for the student and the teacher. Teachers always look for at least five toppers in the class and would dedicate to help them further improve the performance. And if others wants to do so, they are asked to take tuition after school hours. Thus at the cost of five bright students, a teacher would get the benefit of extra income through tuition. This has been happening in many corporate schools where in the parents wont have time but are ready to shell out money and thus teachers are earning more money than the salary through their tuition.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The relationship between a teacher and student is very unique. The teacher is supposed to be the source of knowledge and solution to all ter problems of a student. On the other hand, the student is supposed to listen and gain from the teachings of a teacher.

    Unfortunately, with time these equations are changing and a lot of commercialization has come in this area and the relationship is drastically different now from what it used to be.

    Now the teacher is also giving more emphasis to money then guiding the students. The students are also not giving respect and honour to their mentors.

    Knowledge is power.

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    The students, the teachers and their relationships have changed. Change is inevitable but in the education system, this change is something we could have done without.

    With the advent of social media, widespread access of mobiles and very cheap internet services, commercialization of education, intense competition to get the highest marks etc have led to loss of trust, respect and the sincerity with which a teacher teaches and the humility with which a student learns.

    Of course, like in any branch of the society, there would be good teachers and student but most have short term aims and goals guided by self interest and hence grooming good citizens takes a back seat. I read earlier that, in some states parents or like minded people have started a gurkul like school wherein life skills and allied education is given priority rather than book or subject based education alone.

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    A student should treat his Guru above parents. He should respect the teacher more than the God. Gurur Brahma, Gurur Vishnu, Gururdevo Maheswaraha. Guru sakshat parabrahma, tasmit Sri guruve namaha. This is what our ancient literature taught us. People used to do service to the Gurus and get Vidya from them. At the same time, teachers used to treat their students as their own sons and daughters. Viswamitra taught Rama and Lakshmana many ways of fighting and he is only responsible for the marriage of Rama and Sita. Those days Gurus used to take care of the students in all respects and students used to respect teachers and obey their orders even though they are very difficult.
    But these days the money has come in between the student and the Guru. Once it has come into the picture the values are gone down and there is no mutual trust or respect between these two entities.

    always confident

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