Is Chandrabaabu justified in taking away so much fertile land for the Capital?

Mr Chandrabaabu Naidu, the Chief Minister of AP, is one of the best in India, whom I admire the most. He has an excellent record of administration, and is the Chief Architect of building the most beautiful city of India -- Hyderabad.

He also has a record of superb use of IT to reduce corruption, and has no competition. One understands that Mr YSR Reddy is one of the most corrupted persons in India. He is no match to Mr Naidu.

Yet, he has done what he should not have done. 33,000 acres of the most fertile land, taken away for the Capital city of Amaravathi. Farmers were paid just Rs.50,000 for a acre.

What will happen to food production, if such a huge mass of land is used to build huge buildings? What is the use of having another Singapore, even it were so beautiful, when you have already destroyed agriculture?

Food security is more important in India. People cannot just eat boiled potatoes and fruits. Rice is the most important item in South India. Why should Mr Naidu take away so many thousands of acres, to build a capital, if he could have already made Vijayawada the Capital, by creating a New Vijayawada, if need be?

Members who are aware of the realities on the ground, may please respond.