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    How many good politicians do you know of?

    We have had a huge number of stories about corrupt politicians. However, they are also men and women.

    At least a few of them would belong to superb value-driven families, and would embrace honesty as a way of life. They could be a simple ward counselor or MLA or just a local leader of a party. Yet, they might be serving the poor and the needy in whatever ways they can, in a hugely selfless manner.

    They might be role models for others to learn from them, and they might motivate others to perform in ways that will make life much easier for all. And we need to learn a lot from their codes of moral behavior too.

    Members can even name them, as this is for a noble cause, and a healthy discussion. Let us get going.
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    I would like to go for our beloved PM Mr. Modi.

    This one personality has gone a long way to make us feel his existence. He is a great personality too which keeps motivating others that we come to believe that nothing is impossible. He don't have big educations but still he is expert in the management of economy while going through the different projects being well appreciated throughout world. Failure is a part of life & he got failures too but he is habitual of not minding this but keep on learning from the facts & leave the rest.

    If you have to learn the relationship management then learn from him. He is expert in time management & body language. You can't predict him could be the best of the qualities which I would like you to take a note on. Another big aspect of him is that he is proud of his culture which has been missing from any of the PM since our independence.

    From a tea seller to CM of Gujrat to becoming the PM of India. We can just goes on counting but still finding not done & much still left to discuss.

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    Yes our ward counselor is a Muslim candidate called Badaruddin and he being a minority leader, reaches out to every section of people and much popular with every voter. He goes round the ward daily, get to know the problems and creates awareness about the government programs and eligibility thereof . He has been doing nice thing by getting admissions to Minority Residential schools which are now on par with private digital schools. Surely next year we can get good results from SSC as the teachers are good and students are given best education. So I am happy with his works.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Leaving aside our respected Prime Minister Shri Narendra Damodardas Modi, let me mention another remarkable and honest politician, Shri Susheel Modi. He is an exception among the present politicians from Bihar. Some months ago, I raised a thread on the very spartan marriage ceremony of his son.
    Such honest politicians are becoming a microscopic minority in present-day India.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    I also came across the simplicity and not so spending attitude of Susheel Modi. If leaders are simple and reachable to the people of their area, they are always liked and admired.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I have heard about honest politicians from other persons but have not experienced it myself. So far the maximum positive feedback is about Mr Modi, our present PM.

    Earlier due to my curiosity I went through the declared assets by political leaders. In most cases the amounts are in the ranges 15 crores and above. That itself creates a doubt in the mind as an honest can not accumulate this type of wealth.

    I have done some basic calculations in this regard and a person who joins as an executive in Govt or a PSU or in a reputed private company can have a maximum wealth of about 1 to 2 crores including the house he has built, the jewellery he has accumulated. This calculation is based on the assumptions that he has not wasted his money in unnecessary indulgences and done his savings and investments prudently.

    How does the income of a politician differ from the above executives and how can they amass a wealth of more than 15-20 crores, this is a question which clearly shows that money is got through other channels.

    When raid is done on these people they say that they are earning a lot from agricultural sources. In a country where farmers are doing suicide, how can these people earn from agriculture. They also say they have paternal properties. It means all the politicians are from rich famines and have a lot of paternal and maternal property. It is really a paradox and does not appear logical to the human mind.

    Knowledge is power.

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    N. Jaya Prakash Narayan is one of the honest politicians of India. He resigned from the Indian Administrative Service at a young age and started his own organistaion Lok Satta. A highly knowledgeable person on the Constitution of India. It is the misfortune of the Andhra Pradesh and the country as a whole that his services are not utilised. The country requires a person like him, an honest and efficient person.
    " Be Good and Do Good "

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    I always admire Lal Bahadur Sastry as the most efficient and modest PM India has seen. With his simple personality, he won the hearts of many people. He leads the country in a war with the victory with a neighbouring country. But cruel politics and politicians never allowed him to go long.
    Then I vote for Atal the first BJP prime minister of India. Hos dream projects like interconnecting the rivers and the roads are excellent but couldn't fully realise the projects completed during his regime.
    Then the present Prime Minister Modi, who is a very good administrator and a good orator. He is never involved in any corrupt practices and he is bold enough to bring in changes. He may be having some negative qualities but he is the best among the present lot and he can only drive India to a position wherein no corruption is involved. He can do development works and definitely, he can provide more avenues to the people of the country to make a living.

    always confident

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    A few years back, we had a person from Janata Dal in our old neighborhood. This person had neither an air of authority nor pomp or show. He used to dress simply, go around in his TVS 50. But his pulse on the problems of the people was amazing.
    Those days, we had a shortage of water widely across the city. He used to organise water tankers at different times on alternate days until he got us a borewell sanctioned. He also helped us with bus shelters, playground etc.
    He used to help people with money from his pocket, pay the poor people for distributing pamphlets, tying banners etc. At election time, when every other politician was canvassing and shouting out loud, he used to simply sort out issues quietly. But with all this, he used to live in a rented house and as far as I remember he had a TVS 50 and a scooter that's all.

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