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    How to spend the summer vacation

    Happy days are here again. Yearend examinations were over. I and my sister are very happy that we have fared the examinations well. We both are thinking about, how to spend the holidays, what to do, where to go and when to go. Every year we have the practice of visiting our grandparent's village. Our cousins will also join us there. My memories went into the last year's holidays.
    My mother's parents stay in a village which is about 45 Kms from our place. It is a general practice to go there for summer vacation. The village is a beautiful scenic place. Paddy fields around the village with lakes on one side and beautifully laid roads with trees on both the sides of the road giving protection from hot Sun to all the travellers and very good breeze and the passengers never feel the hotness of the summer. Our grandfather's residential bungalow named " Vanamali" is a fantastic construction in a garden of Mango trees and coconut trees. The garden area is about 1.5 acres and in the corner of the land beautiful building with all facilities which is no way less than a plaza with all amenities.
    We always feel happy to spend time there. Fresh milk from the cows in the house, fresh coconuts from the trees and mango fruits from the trees will make us feel delighted. There is a pond in the centre of the village with a lot of space around the pond with a good number of trees, which is no way less than a park in the towns. In one corner children play area with a sliding table, a seesaw and other playing items. All the children in the village gather, play and enjoy in the evenings.
    The time will run so fast with four of us playing together and exchanging our issues during the year's schooling. We used to talk about our teachers, students and all other issues of the school. One day we four were swimming in the pond, my sister got tired and she was not able to come out of the pond. Then we three pulled her out...
    I am still in my thoughts, my father's voice calling me brought into this world. I have gone to him running. He told me that from the next day we have to go for summer coaching camp. As soon as I heard that I have lost all my spirits and thinking how to come out of this problem. Noticing my feelings my father immediately told me that the course is for one month only and after that, I can go to the village to spend and also confirmed that our cousins will also come at that time. By hearing this my happiness knew no bounds. I silently told my father Thanks.
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    Good thought by the author.

    If I want to do something during vacation time then I would like to be with my parents. I find peace of mind there along with enjoyment as this remained the same place where I spent my childhood days. Few structure are still there standing tall & few other persons which I just recognized by their faces.

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    If we are away from the mother land, it is better to visit the natives at least in summer vacation or during the Sankranthi festivities, as they feel happy. And by visiting such places our child memories would be brought in lively and that would force us to visit the child hood friends living in village and nearby village. One thing every one should appreciate that, as soon as the villagers spot you, they will give you royal welcome, get all the things you have been hunting and asking far and thus such type of ambiance cannot be expected from city life. And those who are elders to you always give respect for your studies and status in the city.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    A nice narration of the simple things of village life and how time slows down and life is relaxed. I remember learning swimming in the village open well with a large dried gourd tied with a coir rope around the waist. This would act as an air tube and prevent us from sinking down.

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