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    Are you really a follower of Mahatma Gandhi?

    There was an incident related to Gandhiji I have read in some book. The incident says - One day a father brought his kid to Bapuji and requested him to tell the kid not to eat too much sweet. As the father believed that if Gandhiji advises to the kid, he will surely obey him. After hearing from the father, Gandhiji kept silent for few minutes and ask him to bring his kid after 20 days.

    After 20 days the same father took his kid to the Gandhiji. Now, Gandhiji politely and with so much affection tells the kid not to eat too much sweet. The father got curious and asked Gandhiji as why he asked him to come after 20days when the same thing he could have done that day itself. The Gandhiji smiled at him and said - I am too a sweet lover and I love to eat it. If I can't control my urge to eat sweet, how can I say not to eat to that kid? So, the last 20 days Gandhiji was spent without sweet. When he thinks that he can stay away without sweet, he then tells the same to that kid. I don't know if this story is true or not but seeing his larger character, I hope we can believe in this story.

    However, my intention to bring this thread with this story is do we go the same path as Gandhiji goes? If we take a poll in ISC, more than 90% of people will blindly say that he is a Gandhiji follower. But how much follower he/she is? People here advise people to do such thing or talk such way which they himself/herself don't follow. Then how can people expect the same thing from others?
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    I am more or less confused about this personality.

    Since my childhood days we were told a lot about this person & what I came to know is that these were all just one side of a coin. The other side also needs to be executed or to be taken care of which is not happening. The problem is he was a personified leader & not the actual leader that as we know him. He would have done a lot against the British Empire & for the country but he was also responsible for the partition & aftermath occurrences of the partition.

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    Followers follow one aspect of a person only. For an example my followers on instagram are there because they like what I post. So a follower needn't stop following a person after seeing the another side of the coin. That's absurd.
    Followers of Gandhi follow his ideals and not him. So anyone who follows non-violence, charity, patriotism, development of women and underprivileged....are the followers of Gandhi. So it's no mystery that there are a large amount of Gandhi followers.

    And can we all agree that at least superficially we are all for the Gandhi ideals? These ideals are what make us humans first and Indians second.
    To an extent, we're all a Gandhi followed undeniably.

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    There are many kind of people in India. First there are ardent followers of Gandhiji even living today following is ideals and principles. There are some section of the people who would respect him for being the front leader in our freedom movement and because of him the freedom could have been possible. And last sect of people are those they have the compulsion to follow Mahatma just because they too happen to be Indians but not Hindus. Any way following Gandhial ideals wont suit for the present generation who wants tit for tat revenge and wont show other face to slap.
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    Ved Prakash, There is no doubt about his Charismatic leadership, also every people have their two side of stories. However, we should surely praise for what he did good for our country. He was not the responsible for the partition of our country, there were different situations and opinion also politics played part to divide this country.

    Aditya Mohan, at least I am not Gandhiji follower and I can say it every time and it don't make me less human or Indian. But that does not mean that I should avoid speaking about his good work. Following someone or not it is totally individual choice but why to make fake ideal or opinion when one does not follow himself/herself, is what I am talking in this thread.

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    I am not a follower of Gandhiji. If someone splashes me on one cheek, I can't show him the second one. I am not a man who always believes in noncooperation. Noncooperation may harm sometimes the person who is following it.
    No doubt Gandhiji is a great leader with many good merits to his credit. He might have sacrificed his life for the country. But I feel his desire to see that Nehru will be the first Prime Minister of this country, he allowed partition. This act is the reason for today's enmity with Pakistan. I never advise anybody which I am not following.
    But we should appreciate him for his struggle to drive Britishers from our land and make India a republic country. All praises for him for his good work. But we should not ignore the other side also.

    always confident

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    There will be a lot of admirers only and not the followers. Admiration and following are two different things. We worship and pray to God but do not stop doing evil things. In the case of Gandhiji also it is the same thing. Great people stand the test of time whereas people like us cannot do so. We may admire but we may not be able to follow. Whatever Gandhiji did was according to his beliefs and the circumstances in those times. All of them may not be applicable and successful now. What all we can do is to understand the substance of his teachings and apply them according to the present day. It is not everyone that can do this. There will be a very few people capable of doing that. One name that comes to my mind is Acharya Vinoba Bhave.
    I do not know what is there on the other side of the coin with regard to Gandhiji. He is a human being like us with his virtues and vices. Anyone who has gone through his book "My Experiments with Truth" can understand his personality. He had the guts to accept his shortcomings in public. He followed what he preached which none of us will do or capable of doing.

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    I respect Gandhiji like others for his contribution and ideas. But I am not a true follower, Such people are often held in reverence by many among us but to follow his footsteps is it not easy.

    In the present world, even when you are smart, self-preserving and cautious, people try to cheat you, harm you or pull you down in career and life. Imagine, if we are like Bapuji, we would be trampled upon by any number of people, and yes, a few would admire us for our moral courage.

    As far as the example of the sweets goes, sometimes what we advise people is the very thing we need to follow in life.

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