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    Why do we have to Vote?

    Glad to have reached the voting age, the Hardy Boys gang of Ekadanth colony planned a get together to understand the importance of the responsibility bestowed upon them.

    That morning, the group had set out to the nearby 'Kamal Lake,' the pride of their city. Full of enthusiasm, anticipating to spend time spotting birds in the lush vegetation and do some fishing, the group found that the roads were in a pitiful condition with many potholes.

    Just before they left the main road, the boys were stunned to see a water tanker taking a speedy illegal turn and knocking down a poor cyclist. They quickly helped him, gave him some water and were angered that there were no regular traffic policemen around.

    Moving on to the lake, they were dismayed to see that the lake was dying, choked with weeds and dead vegetation. Along most of the edges, the land had been encroached by builders. They also noticed illegal effluent pipes discharging waste and polluting the water body. The little park with all the play equipment had become a gambling den for the ruffians who were opening selling drugs in plain sight.

    Instead of having a pleasant morning, they returned having had a glimpse of the woeful service rendered by the municipal body. On reaching the colony, they saw their parents and elders collecting money to pay for the private water tanker as the colony did not get regular water supply. Whatever water left in the borewell could not be pumped out because of frequent power cuts.

    Angered by all the difficulties faced by people related to their basic amenities, the Hardy boys decided not to Vote at all! Hearing this, the aghast Professor Sharma, took them aside and explained to them about the power in their hands.

    He extolled the virtues of good proactive citizens, people who should choose wisely the political leaders who will ensure that public and civic works are carried out. If the educated youth like Hardy Boys shun the election, then what would be the plight of other voters?. Their votes would be misused by miscreants for false votes and put unfit leaders in office and the same difficulties would continue.

    Instead, the professor encouraged the group to think, cast their first vote for the sake of getting good roads, having decent traffic police, ensure that the encroachments are stopped, the lake redeveloped and the criminals brought to justice, above all to vote and bring in the change.

    An energized group of youth went around the colony, took to social media, shared their knowledge and this resulted in the highest voter turnout in the city. The boys, now part of the youth development force, relentlessly pursued the authorities and ensured that all the irregularities were rectified. The Hardy Boys of Ekadanth colony received the gold medal for being the 'Responsible City Youth Group' for the year 2019. The entire group met Professor Sharma, hugged him and said sir, thanks!
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    Well presented - the importance of voting. Voting is the weapon that is available with every citizen in a democracy. It is the duty of every citizen to use it in an appropriate manner.
    It is only in a democracy that every citizen gets a chance to select a capable person to rule him. But, unfortunately, in our country it is being misused to a very large extent. It has become a money making game for political parties. Once elected they simply forget those who have elected them.
    A society expects different development projects being taken up and successfully completed by the elected representatives. With this expectation only that person was elected.

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    I always took interest to vote as I felt it my duty as a citizen to vote, to keep the democratic system functioning. But there were at least a couple of occasions when I had some different reasons to vote.

    Many years ago-during my twenties- in one election, the constituency was reserved for tribals as it was part of a hill district, and I was not knowing anything about any of the candidates. No one bothered to campaign in my area also.So I did not have any real enthusiasm to vote. But then, I was afraid that someone may try to vote in my name.(Those were the days when ID cards were not in use for voting.) Hence, just to prevent someone false voting, I went and voted making the vote invalid by stamping for all the candidates.

    In another time, when I had moved to a new place on transfer, no party took interest to enroll me as voter. I took interest and got myself enrolled. But then no party gave me the election slip also. Even though I went to their election offices the party workers could not find my name and hence did not give slip. I took this a challenge, and reached the polling station very early. I told the booth officials my details, and they could find out my name and I voted as one of the early voters. Then I showed my polling ink mark with a secret feeling of sweet revenge to those party people who could not give me the voting slip, .

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    Voting is very important for every citizen of the country. It is our right to vote and elect the right candidate to do something good for our country, work for proper infrastructure and overall development of rural areas, education and many important factors.
    A very good thread and it made me realize the value of voting for each one of us. Thanks to the author for this.

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    Why should one vote ? This is a pertinent question asked by every new voter who has just acquired the age and eligibility to vote. Being a democratic country, every citizen who attained the age of 18 are eligible to vote and that is the fundamental right which must be exercised. Because democracy is the of the people , by the people and for the people. When we have the greatest weapon to decide whom should rule the country , every one of us has the greatest responsibility to read and follow the character of every candidate thus stands for the election. Even one vote makes the difference and our one mistake of voting wrong candidate also makes difference. No doubt candidate with monies shall induce and indulge in all type of activities to influence each voter, but we must weigh the performance and then vote. Our vote matters.
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    The story started with a negative remarks everywhere but while we were still speeding up we got the suspense within & finally a good ending.

    As the new generation is coming up, we see a lots of changes in their approaches which were missing for quite a long time. They are much enthusiastic while at the same time ready to take challenges & prone to growth & development. They are more into the activities around them, that they are even more aware about the decisions of the government & the implications on towards. The most important, the upcoming generation are not diverted to the religion kind of factors & so the future elections would be fought not on the basis of belief system but on performance basis.

    So because of this scenario, the focus has been shifted to modern causes & the youth would be the target. It's good if we all work for a common cause of nation building irrespective of our background. So, spare some time & go for the voting & bring more along with you as we are all responsible for ourselves, for our society & for nation as well.

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    Every eligible Indian should vote. We should not miss it. It is true and accepted by many. But the problem here is we will not find a candidate who really worth our vote. The politicians spoiled the country. If you see the biodatas of the MPS and MLAs these days, many of them are having many cases against them and many of them are having criminal cases. Many of them are on bail and still, they will be attending the courts. So when we go and look at the ballot paper and the names of the contestants and their background, we don't feel like voting. The constitutions of India should be changed and people who are having criminal history should not be allowed to contest. Then only people will understand the need for voting.
    It is a good story and it will be very happy if at least once in one place of India it happens.

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