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First prize-winner of the 'Place the words, write a story' contest.
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    How their perception got changed

    Happy to complete their engineering course and getting stamped as “Engineers” Rakesh and three of his friends, as well as classmates Azad, Vikram, and Saket, had planned an outing to an unexplored and serene sea-beach about 7 to 8 hours road journey from their town. Unfortunately, none of them had got selected in campus interviews and they felt a bit let down as many of their classmates had got selected in campus interviews and hired in good and well-paying software companies.

    They had booked a beach resort by the name “Ritvitz beach resort” and it was bang facing the sea and even had its private beach. They wanted to relax a bit and wade away their worries regarding their future and finding a job from outside. They reached the venue and rested for some time to make themselves comfortable after the journey.

    Soon it was evening and friends ventured out to the private beach of the resort to enjoy the beauty of the beach and evening sunset.

    Rakesh could not divert his mind and said, “Life will be so easy for those who got selected in the campus. Good job, good pay straightaway without struggle. I really envy them.”

    Vikram said, Now we have to struggle hard to get a job from outside. People say getting a job is not easy and we may not get a good job to start with.

    Soon Azad said, Come on Guys! Let's forget those things for a while and sit on those rocks and silently enjoy the atmosphere in this marvelous beach.
    So they all sat on the rock silently gazing at the sea.

    Each of three friends had engraved the words “Failure”, “Unlucky” and “Incompetent” on the sand reflecting their mental condition and they were looking at it sadly. Soon a wave came and erased the words and sand was blank as before. This brought a sparkle to their eyes.

    They spotted a lighthouse in the sea a little far away from the shore with a red light glowing brightly at its top. Rakesh wondered, That poor thing has to stand among those mighty waves throughout but it still shows the way to the ships.

    Soon they got lost in the music of waves and they could not keep off their eyes from the white froth of the waves coming from a distance and hitting the rocks at the shore incessantly. Azad thought, Don't these waves get tired? How come they keep on coming without a break?

    After enjoying the evening they returned back to their resort rooms. They all smiled at each other. It seemed that the evening by the sea had changed their perception towards life. They were no more thinking of their struggle ahead in getting a job but in fact, they were eager to return back home and take up this challenge which life had thrown on them. Now they were feeling a lot more satisfied.
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    An excellent write up bringing up the practical reality of campus interviews, not all are successful. The relentless waves and the little lighthouse in the backdrop of the solitude would make an ideal place to introspect and start our journeys in our careers once more.

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    Life is not easy & often we are confronting with the highs & lows of life. During the course, the failure often comes up in face to face but we are left with no other choice other then to learn from it & go ahead. Success doesn't mean reaching to a certain aspects of life but to keep on putting more efforts so as to reduce the failure to nothingness.

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    A good write up. It is true that getting a job outside is very difficult than getting a job in campus interviews. But the people should not get demoralised if they are not getting selected in the campus interviews. The world is so wide and there are plenty on the offing. It depends on you completely to know how to utilise it? There will be always a way f you are really looking for it. If there is a will there is a way. This fact is brought out very nicely in this story.
    always confident

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    A very interesting and motivational write up by the author.

    The agony of not getting selected in the campus recruitment finally transformed into a zeal and inspiration created by the mighty ocean waves and towering lighthouse in the sea.

    A very good narrative and an inspirational piece of prose for the present generation.

    Knowledge is power.

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