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    Why we keep it at such a low temperature?

    High temperatures in summer are intolerable and we prefer to be under shade or in a cool room to protect ourselves from the sultry and hot weather.

    Those who can afford are using AC in their houses and having a good night's sleep.

    One peculiar thing which I noticed is that people run their AC in low temperature setting like 18-22 degree and create very cool inside the room and take a quilt to protect themselves from that severe cooling. In my opinion they should set the AC somewhere in the range 24-28 degree and take a cotton sheet or thin blanket to cover themselves. This will be pleasant and AC will also be running in economical mode and naturally wastage of energy will not be there.

    I have observed this running of AC at low temperature setting in many households and a bit surprised by this pattern.

    What do you think about this?
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    Those who are used to air conditioner at their own house know the right temperature to chose. Again in a house there are people who want much cooling, some want average cooling, and others want normal. And for every one their body temperature matters. And most of the people who have four wheeler are habituated to use the air conditioner inside the car and thus they want to continue air conditioner of high cooling in the home also. And those who are habituated to such luxury living cannot adjust with fan air and thus they feel uneasy and suffocating. So even they happen to be using the air conditioner, let that be of normal cooling , so that in case of power cut and no a/c situation their body can adjust to life.
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    The cooling temperature depends on the type of temperature being running on outside. One more thing is that cooling temperature also based on the number of people which keep stays inside.

    So this can't be standard but could be more or less depending upon the numbers of other factors as well & so fluctuating most of the time. That sometimes we do have to make the AC switched off so as to get everything settled & then switched on the AC after sometime.

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    The present day AC units are eco-friendly with auto regulation, energy saving modes etc. Many tend to keep it a little low so that the inside environment is cool. I think, it would be more pleasant to wrap a quilt and sleep rather than feel uncomfortably warm at a higher temperature. Those who are used to AC prefer a temperature around 20-22, 18 is too low, at least for me.

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    There are number factors to be thought off. If we set the temperature of AC at 20 to 22 degrees centigrade the room temperature will not be 20 to 22. It will be a little more and it will be around 25. 25 degrees temperature is very comfortable and that is the reason many people set the temperature around 22.
    The capacity of the AC and the room size also plays a role in this issue. If the room is very big and the AC tonnage is less we have to set a very low temperature so that the whole room will be cool. If the capacity of the AC is in line with the room size we need not go for very low temperatures. Another factor is individual's habit. Some people who sit throughout the day in AC offices will get accustomed to low temperatures and they always go for the lowest possible temperatures to have a good sleep.

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    The main deal in summer is to reduce the room temperature to the normal room temperature. AC does this faster than coolers and heat pumps. Almost instantly. But it's typical to human minds to get more from little.
    So we end up cooling more than required.
    I've not seen anyone wrap themselves at 15 degree centigrade even on a hot summer day.
    Looks like people have gotten immunity in this matter.

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    I guess it all depends on how hot the city or place of residence is. In Coimbatore city, for example, the Kerala monsoon sets in quickly and the temperatures are fine during the day and in the evenings. If it rains in neighbouring Ooty the city becomes cool too. Still ACs run at around 22 degrees.

    On the very same day or around the same time, at Madurai or Salem, the scorching sun would make everyone so unhappy and people start being indoors with ACs running at around 16 degrees or even less.

    Children below ten enjoy such cool temperatures as they are glued to television during summer holidays, in particular. The elders like that too, as they get busy reading a book in one corner or just relax in an easy chair.

    All the while, even as the comfort inside the homes is so good, any small work outside is resisted upto 6PM as it is blazing hot. If a child goes to the nearest market, he or she would come running, have a good face wash and just back to the AC comfort.

    ACs are no more luxuries. There are recurring deposits maturing in each of the months of March, April and May every year, to take care of the huge electricity bills. This happens in most city homes. Roof gardens and terrace gardens are now being thought of, as recommendations to reduce AC use in more naturally cure environs. Any success here will induce many others to try out similar alternatives.

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