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    We are repeating same story every year!

    Rain, rain, come again. We have rains every year and before that the Govt agencies gear up themselves to get the drains and nullah cleaned so that the waterlogging does not take place.

    Throughout the year we neglect these aspects and just before mansoons, we awake from our sleep.

    In spite of so much campaign for cleanliness, we do not bother for our drains and choke them with the waste material of all kinds.

    So every year the same practice of cleaning them at war footing is encountered. Is this the only way to tackle this problem or we can have some permanent solution to cope up with this?
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    The big question arises here that, are we honest & responsible to our profession & society or these are just the perception & far from the realities?

    I feel that if the above can be answered then everything would be settled for all & forever. If I give you an instance of my locality then each day the drainage are cleaned but the second day these are again come up with the plastic packages & dirt. I hope so that the plastic items can only be used by us & that we don't find anyone else who is using this. So we are the only responsible person here & because of this the drainage system can't go smooth for long.

    We expect from the other person to look after the things but ourselves don't want to waste our time on those. We are habitual of using the packaging items like the chips & the polythene bags that we usually demand from the vegetable vendors & we just throw it out as this again would be available with vendors the next time we intend to shop with them.

    Concluding, that till we act on our own this can't be settled as we are only responsible for this.

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    I used a similar line to describe the Cauvery water issue because for many years, it has been the same, come summer, fights breakout, come monsoon and winter, the issue is put on the self and forgotten until next year.

    We in India have little time or resources for prevention or a permanent solution. It is often a set of temporary measures put in place, the crisis blows over and we forget about it till the same problem stares at us a year later.

    I think the civic authorities and the public should be more responsible to have the drains cleared, the storm water drains kept open and patent. Illegal construction cleared so that we have an access to it. We should have measures in place to trigger alarms so that in the event of a heavy downpour or flash floods, the damage to life and property is less. Last year we had the sad deaths after heavy rains in Mumbai and Bangalore.

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    There is a standing instructions for the civic authorities to keep clean the drainage and other big pipe lines during the summer through which supposed to carry rain water and storm water. But the civic authorities would be busy collecting the house tax and property tax and thus when the monsoon starts in June , every one is caught unaware and the drains goes chocked. Even the public wont remind the authorities to attend the cleaning program. So public and the civic authorities are to be blamed for the chaotic conditions drain water pipes and storm water pipe lines in Metros.
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    There should be an action plan and the plan should be implemented on time so that last minute running can be avoided. There are plans and programmes in place. But implementation is the question. As long as the things move freely and there are no problems the public or authorities will never think of preventive maintenance. Even in our house, we should be cleaning them regularly so that there will not be any choking problem. Same is the case with public amenities also. I feel the civic authorities should feel responsible and do the needful to keep them in correct condition and take up regular maintenance works.
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