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    Congratulations to all parties!

    The result of the Karnataka Assembly election has come. BJP has become the largest party with 109 seats (It may change to some extent). Congress has won 68 seats and will definitely claim 'moral victory'. JD(S) has so far received 43 seats and marginally improved its performance.

    1. I congratulate BJP for winning the Assembly election in Karnataka. I hope that the party would maintain its winning tempo in future.

    2. I congratulate Congress for the 'moral victory' in Karnataka. I hope that the party would maintain its tempo of 'moral victory' in future.

    3. I congratulate JD(S) for protecting its citadels in Karnataka and marginally improving its performance.

    Best wishes to all parties.
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    Mr.Partha, the results of the elections have NOT yet come.
    We have the lead margins, we need to wait till the results are official declared.

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    Although the counting still continues but we again see the clear mandate for BJP in the Congress ruled state & that the Congress has once again shown the lack of leadership. It would be interesting to observe the Congress strategy aftermath but more or less would remain the same as they don't have any other options left.

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    We have had an announcement that Congress and JD(S) have agreed to form a coalition, now it depends on how many seats does each win, Look like all is not over until the very end when we have either BJP crossing 113 or the Congress + JD(S) getting the magic number

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    There are further developments. BJP is fighting back with the help of independents. Let's wait and watch.
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    It will be difficult Mr.Partha because, so far the BJP has 102 + lead in 2, the Congress and JD(S) have 105 in total won and 10 leading, this would take them beyond the magic figure. Among the independents we have 3 winners of which it is reported that one is in touch with the Congress high command.

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    Just now watching the television and found that JDS has approached the Governor to stake form the government with the help of Congress support and BJP being bagged just 106 seats plus two Independent candidates can add up to 108 which is three short of majority. But there is also a talk in the JDS that some members are not happy with taking Congress support and thus they may split from JDs and support BJP to form government. Nevertheless the performance of BJP was stupendous and PM Modi has to be congratulated and he was successful in unseating the Congress again.
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    Haha, The result brought smiles on my face. Those who were looking far way before election, came together. Yes, everything is fair in Love, War and Election. However, BJP should feel happy that the majority of votes are with them. Congratulations to Congress and JD(S).

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    The final tally stands at BJP:104, Congress:78 and JD(S):37 and it looks like a coalition coup by Congress and JD(S) will be a spoil sport for the BJP dreams. Congress lost to the BJP coalition despite having the single largest party with 17 seats in Goa, it sounds like it's the turn of BJP now. But, Yes, the BJP can claim a moral victory here.

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    Something more which is beyond the mathematical figure is going to emerge. Let us wait. The probability of JD(S)+Congress forming coalition Government is less than 10%.
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    Though BJP has more number of seats, we should also note that in percentage share Congress has got 35.7% of votes whereas BJP has scored 34.8% of votes. Majority of Karnataka voting population has voted for Congress though by a narrow margin.

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    In Indian system of Parliamentary democracy, the number of seats is important. The percentage of the vote doesn't have much significance. If we shift to the Presidential form of democracy, then the vote share would be important.

    Let's shift to the Presidential form of democracy.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Really? What about Goa and Manipur? In the formation of the government in those two States, a different logic was followed.
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    Almost the whole day I was in front of the TV, surfing various channels.
    Though the results were somewhat as per my guess, I did not expect the turn of events to the extent of Congress-JDS agreement.

    In this thread,I had mentioned that "Though the Karnataka ruling side can claim to have played a smart move and a game changer strategy. As Lingayat politicians are there in other parties too, we can expect some churning.All these are going to be detrimental to the nation and even to the same party in due course..". That due course came too soon for Congress.
    Still, they are not learning lesson.

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