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    Changing Mobile Applications To Our Needs!

    We have gone through the movies of James Bond during our childhood days. His gadgets used to be very fascinated to the young generation of their times.

    But now a days we are also carrying the device called Mobile, often asked as "Smart Phones", which is capable of multitasking at various platforms. During earlier time the mobiles phones had pressing buttons which then after some changed to screen touch. Now the latest of the smartphones are equipped with the software that we can command verbally. You just need to instruct verbally & the software will run accordingly. For example, if you have to make a call to someone then just speak the name & the dialing would be automatically. Latest TV ads shows that you can control the electronic appliances from far of places with the use of technology.

    So, this also enables you to monitor your home & also enable to switch on or off the electronic appliances.
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    What I feel that at the advancement of mobile applications very often, the people are becoming more lazy as they can sit and do many things just through command. When the mobiles were having the joy stick, there was at least some exercise to our fingers and eyes. When the mobiles changed to screen touch, then the work for the fingers has gradually reduced. And now voice commands are introduced to do the task. That means further laziness guaranteed. What for such advancement when it has the direct effect on our health and we are subject to easy chair in future ? And what may be future ?
    K Mohan
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    The technological advancements are always good if we use them properly for specific purposes. A video call is a good facility to have a meeting for official purposes without travelling too far off distances for meetings. This will save time as well as money also. But this facility is used by students and employees for killing time. If the technology is used for the betterment we will be ahead of many others. So the problem is not with the development but with the users. Any issue will have two sides. One is good and the other is negative. It is the user who has to decide which side you want to use. Let us not discourage technological advancements but try to use them as required only.
    Many mobile applications are coming which will make our life easy. But taking this as an advantage we should do more work and bring in more development to the country rather than wasting our time in useless virtual games.

    always confident

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    Some of the advances in mobile technology are really useful. For example the GPS tracking of the Ola or Uber cabs, the speed dials, the caller ID, all these help in safety for women and children.
    Similarly, money transaction on mobile or internet banking via the mobile is also a good tool for us.

    If someone is into photography, they would notice the huge change in the days when we needed a dedicated camera to capture good moments and 'evidence'. Now at the touch of a finger, the person can capture vividly the image and speech on the mobile.

    So, yes we are changing the apps or rather picking up apps that serve us. Unfortunately, this means that people would also choose apps for pastime and can change into an obsession (selfies and playing endless games).

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